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need to vent and abuse your ex?? this is the thread for you!

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well the subject is pretty self explanatory i think! i know a lot of people are feeling a lot of anger towards theier exes. i think the best therapy is just to let all your anger out - just let it go!


im gonna start.




you little arsewipe. i am beginning to wonder what i ever saw in you. before i met you i was happy and carefree. now i hate the person ive become and its all your * * * *ing fault. i hate you you little * * * * and i hope you rot in hell. you hurt me in the worst possible way and i hope you suffer like i did. i hope your current gf treats you like * * * * and then ditches you - only then will you realise that what you did to me was wrong.


your lies will catch up with you and karma will pay you a visit my friend and when that day comes i will be there to witness it and i will point and laugh. i hate you you worthless waste of space. you are a pathetic excuse for a human being.

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I hate you because I can't stand to love you again. It's sickening and tiring. I never thought about you this much when we were together - why was this, because you were so beneath me. You have no aspirations, other than to be in a rock band...so sorry, but it'll never happen. People kick you out of bands because you are TERRIBLE on your instrument.

Pot is not a form of chilling, its an escape. You cannot blame me for your paranoia and insecurities, you'd get over it if you loved someone, and you love no one but yourself...and if yourself you hate. Everyone can see it. That's why you have 4 friends from you past, because you are not a "loveable c*&t" as you described yourself, your just the second word. People see nothing in you. Women are attracted to you because you are tall and silent, that's it. You get behind it and there's nothing there. Nothing at all...some half arsed attempt to have interests in politics, but this is all opinion you gained from tv.

You never supported me. My Dad was sick and possibly dying of cancer and all you cared about was whether you'd get a lift, whether me being capable of socialising with all your friends was me flirting...no no dearest, that's just a bright mature young woman who doesn't see people as a big pair of genitals.

I was always too clever for you. You made me question myself and my life and manipulated me because you did not love me for what I was. You at first said I glowed, then when you realised I would glow brighter than you could even dream of you wanted to dampen my light.

I told people I would dump you as soon as my degree was over. I told people I knew it was never a long term thing. I was embarrassed to introduce such an inarticulate, uneducated waster to my friends. You are so lazy...you can't drive, you can't move out of home, you have your baths run by your MOTHER...your nearly 25...what on earth???!

I hate that you got to touch me or have sex with me. I should never have let you. I'm too good for you. It sounds egotistical and it is. Because since you disappeared my life has opened up in more ways than you can imagine, I aced those exams, I found social circles I had been avoiding because I feared your jealousy and the hassle. I was tired every weekend because you'd drag me out of clubs and whinge at me, check my phone, cause me so much harm...when all I deserve is good.

You are such a sad man. You crave attention and any woman with any independence (ie. not a replica of your mother) will seriously despise you. You are a child. You are not deep. Silence is not deepness, it's dullness.

You have become fat, and since cutting your hair you look awful.

You need to learn to respect the world and stop being scared of being outside your comfort zone. Get some real problems and then see how you handle stress. Because the stuff I was dealing with was not going to be solved by smoking drugs and hiding away.

I face life head on, and I never want to have to face you again, you are not worth it. Go kiss and molest other women, you know why I dont? Because it'd be sooooo easy. You dont think I know i intimidate you? I am beautiful, i know this, if i wanted to go to some grubby club and find anyone I could, but im about more than that. I dont need to prove myself ot you anymore, think what you want, think im the reason for all your insecurities, then think the same about the next girl.

Stay in your small little world and keep the hell out of mine. I am SICK to death of your name, your face, your dragging around in my head.

Just get out, go away, curl up and die.

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You * * * *.


Seriously Tom. I loved you. I * * * *ing PUT MY WHOLE HEART INTO YOU. I was always a shoulder for you to cry on, I was always the supporter and the one who cared. I listened to you cry. I cuddled you and I gave you everything. I put my whole life into yours.


Now it's gone and it's so * * * *ing hard to rebuild my life. Your face is in my head and I just want you to GET THE * * * * OUT.


I want to be myself, unchained and free and not tied down by love. That's all love ever did for me. The euphoric happiness and the stability is NOT WORTH the pain.


I need to be so careful now cos of you. To be honest you totally betrayed me, I had such blind faith in our love and you totally pulled the rose coloured spectacles away.


You made me lose my innocence... I'm now skeptical and I'm scared of love.


Thanks, * * * *wit. Grr.. this is gay cos at the same time another part of me wants you so much. I can't just ... grrrr.


I'm angry at myself and at you. I NEED TO MOVE ON. somehow... but it cant be with someone else it needs to be alone...

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