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Hey guys well i have posted like a couple times (you can read them first if you want) anyways i had NC with the x for like 6 days but i needed to get in touch with him he has some bills and the rest of his stuff at the apartment....

Anyways i talked to him like a week ago and told him i was over him idk why i did it i guess i wanted him to think i didn't care and maybe he would be sad.... ya that backfired.......


I talked to him today and he told me because of that convo it was easy for him to move on and he has been talking with other girls he says and going to parties and i was really hurt and i said so what you moved on? he said yes and then he has so rude and arrogant with me on the phone i said should i move on? and he said yeah i did we will never be together again.........

then he got off the phone and i broke down and hysterically cried for like an hour i am sooo upset i don't want it to be over i love him and he is acting so different now and i just feel like a bomb hit me and i am in shock because i thought he really loved me and he is all happy and he moved on ???? i just don't get it....... I can't just move on like that... i asked him if he loved me and he said yes i also asked him how he could just shut his feelings off and he said i just can..........



I feel lied to and used and i am sooooo depressed i don't even want to do anything i feel like my life is over and i don't care about anything anymore i am so so so so upset i don't know what to do????????




how can a guy go from wanting to marrying me and loving me so much an needing me to not talking to me and being with other girls and completely over me ???? i am lost and i need help because i am gonna flip out please someone help me i am so depressed and hurt and in love and this pain wont go away please help.....



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Hello there Bridget. I hear you! I am in the raw early days of post breakup...and it hurts like hell...but I can tell you from experience it does get better and it will not hurt like this forever. Reach out as much as you can, friends, family, trashy books to take your mind off things, comforting films (that don't have any romance in them...yuck!)...make a list of all the things that really ticked you off about your ex...and a list of all your needs that werent being met...and a list of all the wonderful things about you that he didn't appreciate...and finally a list of what you will get from your next relationship. I know this will be difficult, but I did it last night and it does help. It's from a great book called 'hes scared, she's scared'....


Hang in there girl...you deserve better.

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What your ex has done is simply said "Hey, I don't want to be with you" and is running away from everything by simply keeping himself occupied. Has he moved on? Not completely if he really cared about you because if he did, it wouldn't be easy. In my opinion, as it sounds from your phone call, he hasn't grieved nor has felt the loss of anything. If he hasn't and isn't a complete jerk, it'll catch up to him later.


Don't hold out for hope on anything though and just move on. Listen to Pysche06's advice and grieve as well. Losing someone isn't easy and it's supposed to be painful right now. Talk, cry, moan, work your feelings out. It does get better with time and you will heal. Don't forget to reflect as well and grow as a person. That's the important part because if you don't, you'll end up right back here not too far down the road. Keep us updated and take it one day at a time. This won't last forever

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Hay, i can completely understand were you are coming from. I am going through the same sort of thing with my ex girlfriend. She has a new boyfriend and that tears me up just thinking about it. All i can think of now is the great things we have done together. Like your guy my gal used to say that she could see us being together forever. I understand exactly how you feel, i feel the same. I dont really know what to suggest as i dont know what to do myself but just know that you are not alone.

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