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Here lies a story

A boy with no name

A soft silent whisperer

That burned with no flame

One time on one night

The boy gazed at a star

He reached out to touch it

But it was too far

He sighed and said gently

"I knew it to be,

That star is too beautiful,

It can't be for me."

The star twinkled sadly

While the boy walked away

Before dissappearing

When night became day.


Ok it's a little short and nowhere near the way I write my other poems but I felt I could relate to it alot. I wrote it when I was warded in hospital while I was depressed. Tell me what you think!

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I guess the boy put his hope in the last thing that never went away, but failed to see the true beauty of it. We should all realise the beautiful things that are right in front of us, instead of looking.

Thanks for the comments

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