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Hi I have been reading topics on this site a few months ago but never registered or posted and this is my first time cause I have recently gone through a breakup with my gf the past month.


Anyways my question is I have found closure and I want do NC so I was wondering is it a good idea to block and delete my gf from my msn messenger list? Eventually she will realize that I have done it. If she doesn't see me online anymore she will probably get the clue. Also she might ask/talk to her friends and they are on my messenger list too so eventually she will know.


A part of me is thinking that it might be immature, but a part of me is saying its good cause then I won't be reminded of her each time she goes online. What do you all think?

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I found at first I didnt block her...but her msn was just too hurting..so I finally deleted and blocked her...then after a month or so I just unblocked her I'm in NC but I figured that might be a way for her to reach out so like they say 'out of sight out of mind'

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i had my ex on messenger and he was online a couple of times and he acted soo immature by changing his msn name every 5 mins to show me that he had moved on and stuff. at one point his messenger name was "c'mon jen play with us and make sure you turn up in your shorts" (this is the girl who apparently beat him with a belt and no not in a kinky way)

his level of maturiry ( or lack of should i say) went to a new low when he pretended to be 'hazel' to see if i still hated him or not.


after that i deleted and blocked him. i suggest you do the same mate

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I deleted and blocked my the FIRST day I delved into NC. Nothing good can come of seeing their display name, or giving them an easy way to talk to you. People will easily choose messenger over a phone call any day because its easier to type out what you want to say rather than say it to them.

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