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I'm messing up a good relationship...

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B/c I don't really know how to work it. I'm not being natural with it.


We've been going out 7 months now. Around the end of June she broke up with me (we didn't go out much at all). But since I acted indifferent after the break up (as if I was able to move on), she came back after bout 5 days and we were happy. We started going out more often, if not going out, I'd go to her house.


But for some reason it doesn't feel like I'm doing something right. We're great together, it's just... I dunno, we're missing a part in our relationship. Which is probably why our phone conversations are dying...


But I dunno... I never seen her friends (we don't go to the same school). Am I suppose to set up dates where we're around people we know? I don't know her friends (I seen em on myspace). Well I did go to the mall with her and one of her friends once but that was the beginnin of this year. We don't have the same group of friends (actually... I don't have a circle of friends really. I just know a decent amount of people).


That's about all I am worried about. When we're on the phone, our relationship doesn't seem so top notch because we don't talk THAT much (it should be easy for us to talk, we been together 7 months!). But when we're together, she doesn't wanna go home.


Can someone help me fill in the holes of this relationship?

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Yup, I hate talking on the phone. My ex's and I would have phone conversations that lasted maybe 2 minutes. They went along the lines of "okay 'I'll meet you there at 5" or "Okay dinner on Saturday then" etc, etc. But when we were together, which was often, we could spend hours talking or just hanging out. For me, I just don't like the phone. Do you know if it bothers her? Does it bother you? I can't really tell from your post. If neither of you mind and you enjoy each others' company, don't worry about it

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