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I can't stop thinking about it

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I haven't cut since that one day, and my arm is 98% healed, but I can't stop thinking about cutting, I am coping I think pretty well other than that. I am having like weird dreams about cutting and it's starting to scare me, my therapist said that I need to work through some more stuff, but since I don't have the "urge" to cut that I should be okay, and to call her if I feel like I need to, but I can't stop thinking about it.


In my dreams they are drastic cuts, it's very violent, I don't understand what's going on with me. I have been very irritable and weepy lately, it's like I have no emotional control and that's not normal for me the past few years.


Anyone got any insight?

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Put a rubber band on your wrist and every time you feel like cutting pop yourself with the rubber band. Also, instead of cutting use a red marker and draw the cuts. These are just alternate ways to cope, the desire to cut will still be there, but as you learn to cope without doing real damage you will be more healthy.

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that might work.but with me when i used the little things i just got worse because i get mad when it doesnt hurt.and then i freak out.u have to find something to do.like if i get mad ill do push ups and sit ups till i cant move.physical things are better.if ur thinking about things that are upsetting u think of something else until u calm down.so u wont freak out.

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i kno how your feeling...i use to cut and burn myself alot...i use to carve words into my skin...being emotional is usual for someone who is stoping...well thats what i think cuz i was very emotional...so when i got emotional i got really angry, irritable, sad, and weepy....so i took up a number of things to keep me active...like boxing, rug-by, soccer, karate, tai chi, meditation, drums, bass, drawing and poetry

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Helpme, your therapist knows you best and probably is right. It's really good that you work well with your therapist.


Your feelings could be due to being upset about hurting yourself before and having regrets about that, and thus having a desire to punish yourself.


Regrets are very common and hard to deal with.


Please discuss your feelings with your therapist.

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I compulsively pick at my skin & sometimes an overeater, and the only thing I can sort of suggest is keeping yourself otherwise occupied. Habits can often be replaced with other (hopefully less damaging) habits. I'm not a psychologist obviously, but it just seems like if you can't help thinking about it, it's probably a habit. And since being in a trance-like state is associated with the behavior of mutilating oneself, perhaps not letting yourself get too sleepy without acting taking a nap or going to bed would help. Anyway, I know it's a lot easier said than done. Good luck!

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YUP all physical exercise. Your punishing ur body in a good way.....weights, hitting the bag, running till your put out of breath.........all those. And yeah at the same time u have to keep working with your therahpist. For me to get through anxiety and depression i worked on my head and exercised.

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