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I have had guinea pigs for a long time (about 10 years now) and although I am highly allergic to them, with the help of allergy and asthma meds, I have learned to live with them without them affecting my health too much. I try to keep their cage as clean as possible, vacuum all the shavings and hay once a day, run an air cleaner next to their cage, etc. I try to keep it as clean as possible so I dont get allergic to them.


I have a friend whom I have known for quite a long time. She doesnt live that far from me (I knew her since high school up in LA) and she comes and hangs out at my place a few times a week, ever since I moved down to San Diego. She has allergy problems and had asthma as a child. Unlike me, she outgrew her asthma. We hang out together and she cared for my piggies while I was gone.


Yesterday, I met up with her to get my keys back as well as hang out at her place and she told me that she couldnt come over to my place to hang out anymore because her allergies and asthma came back because of the guinea pigs. She told me that the few days that she took care of my pigs, her asthma and allergies acted up.


I like it when my friend comes over to hang out. I have a decent place, a bit dusty and cluttered, but still it isnt dirty or anything like that. I feel bad now that she has developed allergies to my pigs.


Is that unusual,for someone to develop allergies months after hanging out with the pigs a few times a week? Also, what can I do to make the place more sterile and clean so she can come over to hang out and I can still keep my pigs? The pigs are staying. I am just trying to find ways on how to make my place allergy-free, even with my animals being there?


I have an air cleaner that I keep on 24/7 to help with keeping down allergens, dust, and dander. I also vacuum a lot. Do you guys think investing in an ionic air cleaner can help with keeping down the guinea pig dander, dust and hay particles????? I have to feed the pigs hay so that might be a culprit. Unfortuanetly, I also live in one room studio so the pigs have to stay in that room.


Any and all ideas and comments are welcome.

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Well the only for sure thing is to get rid of the little things. But that is not an option. I am stumped. I can't imagine taking medication constantly so I can keep a pet. My mom and my friend are the same way they have HORRIBLE allergies but they wont get rid of the culprits that cause it the cats and the dogs.


Why is it people who are allergic to pets keep them and relegate themselves to unessesary medications?

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EH, the pets mean a lot to me and my friend likes my pets too. She isnt advocating me getting rid of them. I try not to run the A/C a lot because it makes it too cold for the guinea pigs. As for the air cleaner, I change out the filter about every two months. I am quite fastidious about that.


Does anybody know anything about those ionic air filters (that supposedly trap 99.9% of all allergens? They aren't cheap, that I know. They run about $400. I am willing to invest in one if it will clean the air and make my apt allergen free for my friend. I just want to know if anybody has one and do they work well for them.

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well, you can try air filters and all that. vacuuming right before she comes over isn't a great idea because it will aerosolize the allergens.


Sure, you can develop allergies in adulthood. I just became allergic to penicillin a few months ago. I never was before.


I'm massively allergic to cats, I can't even be in a place that had cats several months before without swelling and needing my inhaler and meds. even then it doesn't go away.


Dogs, I am allergic to, but can be around them for a few hours, but still wheeze.


so... what I'm trying to say, maybe your friend can't come over to your place? why not meet with her other places?

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Annie24, I like your voice of reason. I guess you are right, she wont be able to come over and hang out or stay over any more. I feel kind of sad about that but I do understand how allergies can get. We can still have fun hanging out.


I get allergies a lot too. I am sick right now because I was exposed to three cats and cigarette smoke on my vacation. My friend whom I went to visit, has three cats and smokes a lot. Her place is also dusty, messy, and full of cat hair. I have allergies to cats and guinea pigs but my only exposure (before my friend) to cats was to my ex-best friend's cat and he and his bf keep their place immaculate. My piggies can bring up allergies but I am on meds and can deal with them.

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Short and simple: Keep your little friends.


Why?: Purpose of life is more important than most short term issues.


Medium term solution: Next year, get an appt with a balcony and put them there.


How? Put the appt on your list of positive expectations and work for it.


P.S. Plan for winter next.

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