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ok so ive been driving my moms car for almost a year now. im 18 in a few months and for the last few months ive been trying to ask them to get a car for me. but everytime i try they just say no without any talk or anything. i thought i knew better to get my hopes up around my parents but i guess i dont. anyone have any advice on what i can do to at least talk about it.

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I guess you are saying it is money that was left to you for some reason, but your parents are custodians over the money.


If you are trying to get a job, maybe a very small portion of it could be used to make a down payment for you on a car, maybe a reliable second hand car. Then you could make the payments and insurance premium.


Just was a thought, since I doubt they will approve that you use a big portion to out right buy a car.


Are you going to be going to school /college, along with getting a job? I know when my kids were still in school/college and working that they also needed vehicles to get where they needed to go. We helped get them vehicles, but was based on them paying a portion of the payments and insurance premiums and also based on them working hard to keep up their grades in school/ college and staying out of trouble. They had to show a lot of responsiblity .



I do not think there are many parents that will just outright buy a vehicle for their 18 year old and fork over the keys to them. I do understand this money you are referring to is supposedly rightfully yours, so Maybe you can make a deal with them to some how at least use a small portion of it to get you rolling.


Do you know of any reason they would out right refuse to even talk about it at all ?

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I heart cars!


ya I dunno man , i was lucky my parents bought me a car at 16 (mmmm good ol rx7), but then again I needed one cause we live far away from anything. Dont really know what to tell you mang. good luck.


oh yes, getting a job is something you need to do! insurance and gas are not cheap for a 18 year old.

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At least they let you use their car. I know the money is yours, but maybe your parents want you to spend your money wisely (like save it for when you move out on your own or for college expenses). My parents wouldnt even let me get my license until I was 18, and I used their car when I could. I didnt buy my first car until I graduated from college. My parents gave me some money for a down payment as my graduation gift and I financed the rest.


Like the others say, talk to your parents and see if you could use a small portion of the money to buy a beater. A car is really just necessary to get you to and from places, not as a show off thing. Besides, with a beater, your insurance rate will be cheaper.

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I was one of the lucky ones. My parents bought me a car when I turned 16 and bought me a new one for graduating from high school....



You were lucky in that respect.^ We got our children vehicles when they were 16 becuase they were needed due to my husband and I both working hard at a self owned business and we each needed our vehicles.


The kids both needed vehicles to get to all the school functions, and activities they were involved in and jobs that they had . However, they did NOT get new ones upon graduating high school,. The ones that they had from when they were 16 were to be taken care of, and last them through college or until they could afford to totally get one on their own.


I suppose you were one lucky girl . OUt of curiosity what kind of vehicle did you get when you were 16 and what did you get when you graduated.

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Theres a lot of automotive shops that sell pretty good cars for cheap. For example, the auto shop a block from my house sells 1999-2001 Chevy Cavaliers for around 1,500 to 2,000 dollars and they're in great shape. Look around for a cheap but reliable car and ask your parents if you can get a job and buy one. Though I don't see why you'd have to ask your parents to get a car yourself when you're actually a legal adult at 18.


I guess I'm lucky. When I get my license in December, my grandmom is giving me her car (2000 Buick Century) and she's getting a new one though. Most likely I'm going to trade it for something else right away because I CANNOT stand that car. It slipped out of park 4 years ago and knocked me down and ran over my foot (ripped tendon and nerves in the foot). So yeah.

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