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how to find out....

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hey guys im just thinking, that i know this girl overseas, we use to be in the same school till she left somewhere else, other country, she trusts me a lot and treats me as a very best friend, im the only boy that is one of her good friends, im like 4th in her friend list.. lol ha, well i asked her if shes been liking anyone in her new school, she siad no, the boys ar eall imature nad stuff like that, but i thought since she maybe lonely or bored sometimes, so i asked her if i can call her, so i did, we talked for bout 2 hours, then after that, like every 3 weeks i call her when i can, she sounded pretty happy to talk to me,

but anyways im the only one really talks to her all the time on msn, as now shes on holiday and does like the same stuff everyday, but never goes out, jsut to let you know the most important part... were both thirteen. which is the time most people are between child and adult . which annoys me, but im on the adult side it does seem like she is too, so im like the only one that talks to her, even though i reminded her that she has talk to her friends before on the phone for 1 hour.... haha lol her bestfriend, but she didnt remember,. when i was talking to her recently, her uncle thought we were both bf and gf, and told me to be good to her. or typed atleast on her account.

shes either telling him that she likes me and wants to find out maybe, or her uncle is just making a mistake, or something so yea,.


oh yea help me by the way

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Well if she's returning I think you can make something work, but if she's staying overseas it's going to be quite hard since you are quite young and wouldn't be able to meet often.

With that I'm saying that even if you asked her now if she likes you and she says yes there's little else you can do with the info.


So, maybe you can just remain her friend, be in touch often, talk lots, and sometime in the future you might be able to be in the same place again and can ask her if she would like to date you.

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