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We are currently trying to concieve a baby but I wanted to know for those who were trying, how long before you concieved? We are not yet married, but will be in may after I graduate. We are pretty young, I'll be 22 in a month and he'll be 23 in november, but we can't wait to have our own kids just started trying and I believe I was ovulating about the 15th through the 17th and I've never been on the pill and he did not use a condom...I'm expected my period soon and I'll probably get it, I feel the cramps and everything now. I got a little discouraged and scared that maybe I couldn't have kids because it seems that a lot of people get pregnant by "accident" and when they're not even trying pretty easy. How long should it take to get pregnant? And should I worry about not being able to have children? That has always been my biggest fear ever since I was a child. Are there any symptoms of infertility that I can look for? Thanks to everyone for their help.



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You are not considered to have infertility problems if you have a regular period, and you have tried actively for a year and have not conceived. While some get pregnant "accidentally" even so, it's still one of those things that the odds have to match up. Not every egg is viable, nor is every fertilization one that can implant or carry through to a pregnancy.


So in other words, I would not worry if you did not get pregnant this month, or even if you don't in three or four months. If nothing in a year, despite actively trying, and so on, then yes, see a doctor.


I would suggest tracking your ovulation, using temperature or checking cervical mucous, and having sex 1-2 days before ovulation and the day of as well to increase odds.


Can I ask why you are trying now, before you have graduated/married?

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My mother tried for 3 years before she got pregnant with my sister at 33, but then got pregnant with me while she was still breastfeeding my 6-month-old sister! (Breastfeeding is supposed to be a natural form of birth control - typically about 98% effective I think!) I think it can sometimes be a tad random, and works a lot better when you are relaxed about it - the body does not like stress.

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Im going to rain on your parade and I apologize.


Please wait until your wedding night to try to make a baby.


I had my first child at age 20 and while I love him with all my heart it has never been an easy road to walk. Why are you wanting to make th ebaby before you are married? Also, you are still in school wait until you graduate and have a good job.


You are only 21 years old you have your life ahead of you. My sister on the otherhand.... she waited to be married until right after graduating from college. She has the degree where as I am the college drop out. She waited to have her first child until she had a job and good insurance..... I was the one that needed government assistance with my first child.


Do you see the point I am trying to make here? Sometimes timing is everything and waiting until you are really ready to support and care for a child is the best gift you can give to the children you create.

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I agree with Southerngirl on this one.


If you end up pregnant, you never know how you will be affected by pregnancy. What happens if you have a high risk pregnancy and have to be on bed rest? What happens to finishing college then?


You will be finished with college in less than a year- if you get pregnant now you could be in labor before your finals.... why would you blow your chance to graduate on time because of poor planning?


Wait until you are married, graduated, and able to seriously afford to support a baby. You guys have plenty of time. I know you are excited, but you can and will have children, so be excited AND use common sense and do one thing at a time- finish your education first, get married, and THEN focus on having a baby.

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It took My Husband and I One Year After we Got Married To Concieve, And 3 years after my daughter was born to have another one. Although having sex as much as you can, when you can sounds like the trick, its not. Its all about timing, use an ovulation kit to help you figure out when your most fertile, it may or may not work, but it will give you some idea. another thing that helped me is I took prenatal pills when we started trying to concieve recommened by my doctor, sometimes your body is lacking the vitamins it needs to become pregnant, a prenatals are a good way of getting your body ready. Also be sure that this is the right person that you want to have a baby with. waiting until your married is best, but sometimes it does not work out that way. A baby is a big responsibility and not something you jump into just because you want it. After its born its a whole new ball game physically and emotionally. Dont worry it will happen, nature has a funny way of surprising people, when you least expect it , it will happen..Good Luck

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