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how do i know if she's playing me or not

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hey all,


well i've been really interested in this one girl lately and surprisingly, eventhough i find myself really liking her i know that if she's playing games with me i'll just laugh in her face while feeling sorry for her on the inside.


anyways, she blushes around me and we have a good laugh around each other. there's teasing and a lot of light touching on the arm or shoulder. but even though i feel like we're having a great time together and i enjoy her company, it still is on my mind of wondering if she's just playing me for a fool or not. its something you can't ask and something you couldn't trust for them to give an honest answer if they were, but i have no patience for it at all.


in this case one side is telling me that she's playing me and stringing me along and then another side is telling me that she just likes me a lot, but is just carefree with everything. how she is, comes off like she's untrusting and unreliable, but another thought could be that she's very timid and that because we aren't official nothing has to be concrete just yet.


so i'm wondering what kind of signs can i look for if shes playing me or messing around with other guys?

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uhhh well its come up that we want to work on one and have agreed to not date anyone else or "hang out" with anyone else. and i've expressed already that i won't be "just friends" with her and have expressed my desire with her (kissing, light arm brushes, teasing, flirting). but we haven't agreed to be bf/gf yet as it hasn't come up.

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I don't see the difference between exclusive dating and boyfriend/girlfriend. Regardless, don't talk about the relationship unless theirs a problem. Keeps things going and keep things fun. Simply take the lead and direct the relationship with your actions without stopping and asking her for directions. That's my advice.

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