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My ex boyfriend and I broke up more then a year ago, and he called me last month to have a few drinks. We met eachother tand started to hang out once/twice a week. However, we had not spoke to much about the past. It is like a new beginning and there was no intimacy.

Yesterday, I told him just be friends and knew it was over. I am hurting again and it feels like I just broke up. Ever felt this way. I hurting bad!!!

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I am sorry that you are feeling this way again. Perhaps you just werent ready to resume a relationship (friendship) with him yet.


I would say just try and move forward. I know easier said than done but in order for this pain to go away its a must. Try to think of it as you tried it didnt work to the results you had hoped for. Pick yourself up and dust off and move on down the road

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