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Just got back from Speed Dating...

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Speed dating sounds like a ghastly way to meet people. I can't imagine a more impersonal, competitive, awkward way to find a date. Hon, don't do that to yourself again - it will really make you take a big step backwards in your healing.

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here im copy pasting something that I posted on another topic


Well if im interested in a guy I basically just walk up and introduce myself. It might seem forward but it works and even if I dont end up dating them they usually become really good friends. Even if nothing happens at all you gain confidence and self esteem amazingly. Also makes dating easier, it is less akward when your trying to not be shy and less of those "first date gitters" cause your used to striking up conversation with complete stangers.




-Look for wedding ring BEFORE proceeding

- If they look scary, dont do it, I dont care if you havnt been on a date in 20 years

- If you talk to them and are uncomfortable its a gut instinct, walk away, your conscious is telling you something is not right


Good conversation topics


- Jobs, ask where he works, maybe youve been there, maybe youll stop by sometime and try the food

- If they have an accent (happens more than you think) ask where they are from, maybe youve been there too

- If your really starvin for matirial ask their last name if its like O' Brian they are obviously irish or if its Holtzinger they are most definatly German, work with that


Things not to do but commonly happens with nervusness


- Dont look at you feet

- Dont look at their mouth

- Dont fidget

- No nervous laughter

- Dont dress skanky, dressing skanky and being forward give an image (not a good one), introducing yourself shows confidence

- Dont try to be something your not, if he likes golfing dont automatically like golfing but if you have any interest at all then you can say "oh ive tried that before"



And remember

- Smile

- Wear lipgloss/lipstick

- Stand up straight

- Be honest

- Lastly have fun with it, he will notice if your nervous and it will make him nervous.


OH and if he is with a group that the guy girl racio is more in favor of the women, dont go there, chances are he is with someone

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