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Boyfriend joined Military, Leaves in a month

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I was dating this guy Tony for 2 years we broke up for a year and he called me a while back and now were back together. I love him with all my heart even if you find that hard to believe cause im 17 or whatever. So weve been seeing eachother again and my feelings really came back very strong. Today we were at the fair and I could tell something was bothering him so I asked what was wrong and he sat me down and told me that today he had signed his papers and he leaves for bootcamp in a month. I felt like someone had punched me in the gut. I honestly almost started crying my eyes out in the middle of the fair but I stopped myself. He said its "just the reserves" and that he goes to bootcamp and comes back with 20G in his bank account. I dont think he realized that their is this war going on and another one about to start and that he's going to go to war almost for sure. I dont know what to do. Im a wreck. A long time ago he promised me he wouldnt join if their was a war going on and then today he just springs this on me. I couldnt believe it. We basically just back together and back to how we were for the most part and he is leaving for the military. I dont know what to do or how to cope. I feel like im dying inside. What do I do now? Im losing him again. I did that once for a year and it hurt everyday now he's going to be gone for who knows how long, going god only knows where. War changes people, ive seen it happen to my friends. They go to Iraq and they come back different people, its war, its not pretty, carrying dead children out of piles of rubble will mess up anyone. I saw it happen to my brother and he was never the same. Im going to lose him again physically at least for a while but mentally too. I dont know if i can do that. Help?

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I know he isn't your spouse.... but I found this website that may help.


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You can try google and find other military support groups.


I honestly don't know what it's like to go through this. I had a scare myself when my b/f said he was considering going into the Air Force. I cried my heart out... and in front of him. It was sad. But I don't think he's really going in. But... I just thought I'd share you this. I hope it helps. Good luck.

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