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so i met up with the girl today (see my earlier post in this forum) and we talked for two hours..it went pretty smoothly, there werent any awkward periods or anything. we talked for so long that she had to leave pretty quickly because she had a hair appointment so i didnt get the chance to ask her out on a more formal date..but i got home just now to this email from her saying she had a great time and apologizing for "talking my ear off today" lol. do u think im safe to call her/email her asking her out to like a movie or something?

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Call her if you have her number. Keep the conversation short, and invite her out. I wouldn't do a movie date as this doesn't give you much time to talk and get to know each other. Why not try a picnic or a walk through the park? If you're old enough, a quiet bar wouldn't be a bad choice either.

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