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Ignore your friends. If you like this guy, stay with him and if other people enter the scene that may make you consider being with them, then deal with it if that times comes. You don't dedicate your whole life to him anyway which is good because it shows your independent and want a life too.


Go to college, enjoy new experiences and stay with your boyfriend as long as you both feel the relationship is right for the both of you.

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Can't work out, sorry.

Oh bugger off.


LDRs can certainly work out. My boyfriend had to work in Canada for six months last year. While it's quite different than your situation, we still needed to utilise the same basic things: communication, trust, and commitment.


Your friends sound like they need to mind their own business. Telling you to break up with a man you seem to love just because you need "freedom" in University is utter bollocks.


Follow your heart. Stay with him if it makes you so happy, and nuts to everyone else.

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