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tomorrow night...

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tomorrow night i am going to a party that my best friend is throwing

she invited a guy i have a bit of a crush on

i really want to at least talk to him and get to know him at this party

to open up any possibilities for the future

the problem is i am very shy

so many people have told me that confidence is the most attractive thing, which i am afraid i dont have

so how can be attracctive if i really dont have the confidence?

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This is something everyone experiences at some point in their life. When you have a crush on someone you don't really know, you do tend to think that you'll embarrass youself, this is not the case at all. Maybe at the party just introduce yourself and try to strike up a conversation... maybe ask your friend about him and find out what hes into so you'll know what to talk to him about. It is nervewracking, but you can always bring your friend with you to go and talk to him, it may ease the pressure if it's more than just you two. Once the ice has been broken i'm sure you'll start to relax and if you both get on then conversation should be easy. Good luck!

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