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My friends are ALWAYS broke!

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I love my friends and for the most part they're great...but I'm starting to get sick of the pattern of them leaning on me when they're all broke...and then when they get money the NEVER pay me back...and I have no idea where their money goes. But I'm sick of it! I'm sick of being the driver and paying for gas, and paying for their food because they realized after getting to the drive-thru that they didn't have enough money.


I used to not mind it once in a while....but now I'm starting to feel mooched on. I spend my money wisely and I hate being taken advantage of.


Can anyone relate?


Thanks for letting me vent.

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They're not true friends if all they do is mooch off of you and dont even bother to pay you back.

Do liek I used to do when people would try that stuff with me and I knew they wouldnt pay me back, if we would go get food and at the last minute they realize they didn't have enough well they just didn't have food or if they need a ride somewhere and you want them to pay for gas, they pay before they ride.

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I can't exactly relate, only because I don't really loan my friends money just because the opportunity has never come up.


But gosh, I can understand why you would be frustrated about it! There's no simple way to deal with it other than to just stand up for yourself. If they want to go out for food, make them check first to see if they have enough money. If they want to drive somewhere, take turns. You don't have to do something you don't want to.. you just have to stand up for it.


You don't need to give your money out just because they need some. It's a nice thing for you to do for your friends, but they need to understand that you aren't a bank. They need to learn how to make responsible money choices and save the money they earn. Especially the ones who have a habit of not paying you back.


You would think that it would be ok to loan friends money. But it's not. Becuase they are your friends, like will think "I just won't pay her back because she's my friend and she won't pressure me for it back." And then the fact that you keep loaning them money just shows them that you are willing to be flexible with your money.


But honestly, it's your money. THere are plenty of things that you can do that don't cost so much money that they need to make you go broke over it.

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When they ask you to go out, ask them if they have money. If they say no, then tell them you aren't going out or make an excuse as to why you can't hang out, or, tell them you are their friend, not a bank, and their apparent lack of appreciation and reciprocation of your generosity will not be tolerated any more.

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i can completely relate to this. Unfortunately when friends think your a quick fix to their money problems they wil soon take advantage. Next time tell them your saving up for something, or that you didnt get paid as much this time round. ALternatively just tell them that you don't mind doing it once in a while but its their responsibilty to look after the money they have and would appreciate them paying you back. Aslong as you stand your ground, they will soon realise that they can't rely on you to keep paying for them.

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i won't call them friends if they are always like that. they're just using you.


i would never do such thing to my friends.if i'm broke, i'll tell them i don't wanna go out cuz i'm broke. sometimes they'll lend me money if they really want me to go or if i don't have a job. but i make sure to pay them back. or they'll ask me out if the food/entrance fee are for free.

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I think ur friends are taking advantage of you just because you're being too nice. If I were you I'd be frustrated too! Next time when they ask you to pay for stuff just tell them that you're having money problems as well and that you don't have extra money to lend them. And when you guys hang out try to do things that doesn't cost any money.

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