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Hoorah im doing the best nc ever

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i really am. Its been 5 weeks. Thats a long time and now i finally get it and the reason, even tho people have tried to explain to me. The guy stood me up again we had a great date planned. i had a new outfit, my hair done, i had cooked. u get the picture. the is the ongoing guy who disappears and reappears in my life all the time cos i let him. this time its different. who does he think he is- really? im worth ten trillion of him. these weeks have been great i hardly think of him and even when i do now it doesnt hurt. the distance works. hoorah for no contact..and for me cos ive been good this time. and its all 4 me not cos im putting on a frosty act 4 his benefit.

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Thanks babes! im smiling cos that boy gone and now my head is going back to normal yipppeee

No problem. I felt the exact same way when I blocked this guy on AIM that I was talking to but pissed me off, and also blocked my ex. HAHAHAHA. I felt like I was on top of the world!!!

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