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Why am I angry things time? A lot of reasons really, but right now....because I have no money.

No money, none at all.

And my dad went to counseling with me today, and I'm sick of my parents, and my boyfriend doesn't want to hang out today.....shall I go on?

Oh yes, and my boyfriend's cat in nuts.

He eats enough for two cats and runs all over the house like a maniac.

My poor kitten has had just about enough of him. He always tackles her, my poor baby.

N-Eways, they've upped my meds and I sleep all day.

Is there ever any relief? I mean really, something's got to give.

What am I going to do?

Usually I turn to food for comfort, but I don't have money for food. Any suggestions?

I don't want to ask my boyfriend/fiance for money. It just isn't fair.

I'm exhausted.

To say the least

What shall I do?

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