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Afraid of Rejection


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I met her in grade 9. I didn't know it then, but a year later, she would become my dream girl. I started to see her in a different light a year later in one of my classes and since then have been in love with her, although she doesn't know it. I would try to be as close to her as possible, all the while trying to not be obvious to friends that (unknowingly) told me that they thought she wasn't pretty in relation to other girls. They, however, were only looking at chest sizes and their form - typical pigs that either were afraid to admit that they were sensitive and saw true beauty, or, were just guys that saw women as objects. When first semester of grade 10 was coming to a close, I prayed every night that she would be in at least one class during the next semester. It happened, and the seating arrangement was so that i sat perpendicular to her and could see her at all times. I was not sure if she felt the same way about me, but She and i were constantly making eye contact. alot of the times when our eyes met, she would smile. During film viewing in the class, i would (based on the class arrangement) have to move my chair and sit directly behind her. How I longed to just hold her hand or be asked to give her a shoulder massage to make her feel comforted by me. I wanted to be her shoulder to cry on and wanted her to come to me when upset or saddened.


I am not one to view women as objects, although friends said she was not so pretty, there was and is nothing wrong with her - she is actually quite striking compares to other girls. She is not into smoking or drugs - another rarity these days - and a good one at that. Her most beautiful features are her hair, eyes but most of all her smile. her smile will melt your heart and make her look innocent no matter what.


My problem is that i am waiting for a particular liscense that would enable me to take her far away for lunch in a little amount of time. And, it will not come for another year. She is not in any of my classes this semester and I hardly get to see her. Although i am afraid of rejection, I don't want anything to happen to her between now and next year when i approach her because I would never forgive myself for not knowing (if she died) if i ever had a chance with her or if I could have made an impact on her life.


Please help me - i am in an awful mess about this situation.

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It sounds as though there are no red flags that would prevent you from attempting to move forward with this young lady. She knows your there, and you have both shared glances without any obvious signs of dis-interest. If you're really interested in her, which it sounds like you are, don't wait for the license. You say you don't share any classes with her right now, but I would be trying to seek her out between classes, or at lunch. Do you know where her locker is? You might try finding her there. Approach her. Talk to her. You don't have to Mr. Suave. Just be polite and honest, and ask her if you could meet her someplace outside of class. It doesn't have to cost a lot, you just need to plan ahead.


You sound very mature and considerate of others. These are very good qualities. They will serve you well in the future, so stick to it.



The license will never be the make/break factor in whether she's interested you romantically. It boils down to whether she's interested in you, how you treat her, if you have fun together, and enjoy each other's company.


Don't wait. The single biggest thing that all of us carry with us is regret. Don't let this be a situation that you let slip by, just to regret it later.


Good Luck

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