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im having an affair with sb whoose married


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im 17

having an affair with sb whoose 37


he and his wife r friends of my parents


and i really love him


he loves me too

hes only stayin with his wife cause of our culture


they almost fight every 3rd day


they want to have kids

he doesnt want to to sleep wit her


and now she started doubtin on us


she told him


and asked

she s tryn her best to proof that shees right



so thats why these dayswere more careful than b4

we meet in his own office only when she is out


and such things



but i never thought this goin to b sooo hard for me



it hurts me knowin hes now with his wife sayin i l u to her layin on the same bed

i feel hurt


when my parents in vite them for dinner it is hell for me



im sittin 3m frm him and sb else is hugging me



it really hurts


what should i do



and cause these days we both r so frustreáted and nervous


we started fighting too



we r together 4 18months


and i l him



what should do




pls help me

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Very simple. He's 37 and you're 17. THIS RELATIONSHIP SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING. Period. For NO reason. You need to stop seeing him, this day, this second, this moment.


How well do you get along with your parents? If they can deal with this, you MUST tell them. They need to understand what type of predator this 'man' (using the term very loosely) is.


Don't listen to him about his marriage. His problems are his own, and having crossed the line to be involved with you is just another one of his problems.


You might be the smartest 17 year old young lady in the universe, and he might be the dumbest 37 year old man, but he's TOTALLY wrong to get involved with you. He's taken advantage of you and you will need help in getting this straightened out. You need to talk to your parents. They can support you. You will also need to talk to a professional.


You need to do this NOW.

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yu r 17 and he is 37 this is like father and daughter age difference !!


dont yu feel yu r into a wrong relationship?? that too this man is misguiding yu and just trying to use yu thats it and yu have be smart enough to let go of this and find yurself a guy who is smart like yu dear.. dont ever waste yur precious moments of yur life like this, this is also gonna create great problems between yu and yur parents, if they ever get an idea of this they will get yu married soon and this will effect yur studies and yur young life when yu should be in school and frends and then college..

i hope u understand watt iam trying to say and plz dont go for this pu an immediate stop for this and live yur life a success!!

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