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Is it possible to make them love you once again?


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I have noticed that alot of us have the same question on our minds:


Is it possible, once lost grasp of the one you love, to make them love you once again? Are people so cold hearted that a second chance would hurt them so much as not to try? And If we love someone as much as we say we do, then why are we supposed to just turn our hearts at the whim of some love doctor who says its not possible?


I think I'm in the mood for a story of someone who has successfully completed this impossible task, or for advice on how to do it myself.

seems Im not the only one who would like another chance.........

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So you want a little glimmer of hope?

It does happen. More often than not ,it doesn't. But it does happen.

I've been lucky enough to have it happen atleast five or more times. You heard these stories-On again, off again like a frickin lite bulb.

I've had ex-girlfriends call me back from anywhere from a week to believe it or not 15 years!! The girl that called me 15 years later broke up with me when I was 16- she was 17. I moved to a town accross state, then she found someone else about 4 months later. When I moved back to Longview, I called her up. She wasn't even interested in talking. It completely broke my heart because this was the first woman I fell in love with.

Then years later, 15 to be precise, she called my house and left a messege on my answering machine. I was really interested in seeing her, but I had a girlfriend. I called her back to talk to her, but told her about my girlfriend so we never hooked up. Then about 3 months later my girlfriend and I broke up, so I called Julie again. We decided to meet. She was very pretty and hardly aged a bit. We became intimate that evening (I know --too much info), and started a non-serious relationship.

However, weeks passed and I realized we were both alot different than we were 15 years before. She was very set in her ways and I in mine. We basically let it fade out naturally by not calling each other. No fight or anything.


More recently, 1997 another girl I had been dating for a few years broke it off with me. I left her alone for about 4 months, then called her up and said I found some things when I was cleaning my apartment that belonged to her. She invited me over. Those things that I had were letters and cards she gave me, some pictures and other memoirs. We looked at these together and both cried together. That led to hugging and that led to....well....you know. We ended up back together.


So there you have it. I guess you just need to follow your heart, but be prepared for rejection--just in case.


Gool Luck


Lone Star

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My two Pennys Worth


One thing I have learnt is the more you try and force it to be the less it will be. My X even said to me "the more you try the quicker you fail, just go with the flow". And make sure you do all the things and change in all the ways she said you couldnt.


You have to get your self in a position where she suddenly realise what a great bloke what was I thinking. Because


1. She Ended it so she must come back to you


2. You dont want her back because you forsed her because at the slightest thing she will jump again.


As Lone Star said follow your HEART. But you must think with your HEAD.

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i think what we do is make ourselfs think that we can make things happen for the best after they have gone for the worst, and that we make ourselfs think we have a piece of hope of getting them back. but we try to go too quickly as was said earlier. just let yourself have a handle on other things, do things that will let you take your mind off of things like this. if she wants to be with you again then hey talk to her make sure that you can work things out. if she doesnt want you then let her go find that woman that was meant for you. i was told that i cannot dwell on this and that it will make thing worse. so do something that will make you know that you can move on and not dwell on a problem like this. reply back on what you think. take care.

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