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Breasts & Tummy

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I'm an 18 - almost 19 - year old guy and, although most of my life I did only a very moderate physical activity like dance and light athletics, I had a quite stable body.

Yet in the last two years I started doing more cardio, going out more to parties, etc. and probably somewhere I did a mistake and broke the balance that I had...

When seen from far, I still look quite proportional, however, when it comes to intimate situations I can't hide my "breasts" (or mounds of fat in the spots where women have breasts?).

And also my tummy has become huge!


Now, especially these to things: breasts and tummy! How can I reduce them?

Before starting to develop muscles, abs, etc. I would really like to get rid of my breasts.

Should I regulate a diet?


Are there any good sources on internet that are also reliable and aren't those usual programmes that you must pay for?


Thank you so much!!

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well hunni.. i think you should maybe exercise a little more if you dont do it anymore to keep fit and stay healthy.. also i would just like to know if you do exercise.. do you eat healthily? coz good eating habits will help you to lose weight quicker.. thats how i did.. i walk.. dance.. went boxing training.. played footie.. i do quite a lot of exercise sometimes bike riding and as well as that i eat healthy too and that really helped me too lose weight.. i was never big but i still wanted to lose weight coz any gurl does.. some can be obsessed wiv weight which is what i was like.. but now im eating appropiately and exercising appropiately too.


i hope this info helps you and if you need to talk you can always pm me..and good luck with everything!


take care.. luv frankee x x


p.s. go on msn health pages the articles are expeted advice.. am sure u will find it useful!

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You really can't isolate "areas" of fat to lose. You must do an overall fat loss program which is the standard... eat less and burn more. The fat will eventually disappear in the spots that trouble you, but understand they may not be the first to go. Stick with it and in no time they will be gone.

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It's not so much you broke a balance you had as your body metabolism changed as you aged. Happens to lots of guys your age. I was the same. When I started university it didn't matter what I ate I didn't put on weight. That existed for perhaps another year or two. By the time I left, I was about 40 pounds heavier and it was there to stay.


Basically, eat smart and get some exercise. I personally don't think most of the diets out there are all that helpful or even healthy. It takes a lifestyle alteration to change your body shape in a stable fashion.

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You can get rid of breastfat by replacing it with muscles. Swimming (especially freestyle and breaststroke) are excellent for that. For your tummy, swimming is also great, but less 'direct'. I think the belly is the most difficult to train separately, situps are the standard exercise but it's boring and people tend to get demotivated because there is no quick result.


If I were you I'd try to lose part of the fat by simply committing to a healthy diet. Alcohol is famous for creating tummy-fat! So cut down there if you drink regularly. Eat things with lots of fibers, drink a lot of water. I practice capoeira (not at the moment, sadly), and it trains almost ALL muscles. It will also trigger massive muscle pain in the beginning, lol.


Yoga exercises will also enable more flexibility and more toned muscles.



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I would just like to add- that you should also talk to your doctor and maybe a nutritionist as well. Some people, even after they put forth their best efforts to lose weight- can have a hard time. If there are hormonal or other health issues going on (thyroid imbalance, diabetes, etc)- it would be helpful to know that. You should really be getting check-ups every year, having routine bloodwork, and talk to your doctor before you begin any new plan.




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