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I've lost all my trust in her. What to do?

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ok, i'm in a really tough situation right now. i've been dating with my gf for a year now, and a few days ago she told me that she cheated on me with someone else because she was depressed and was confused about a lot of the things in life, she really regets that she did it. i've spoken to her roommate and was told that she's really upset with herself for hurting me also. i know that deep inside i still love her and i really want her back in my life, but i just don't want to go through something like this again. it's a long distance relationship and right now i've lost all my trust in her, what should i do?

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well, i think that trust is huge in a relationship. you need to decide what level you are at and if you see trust coming back. i was with my girlfriend for 2 years and i ended up kissing someone while we were both in different countries for a semester. i told her what happened, and things were scary for a while, but we got through it. we stayed together for another year and a half after that, but now are apart for other reasons. i would say that you should just be honest with yourself and ask her to do the same. having the trust issue linger over your head and having you think of it all the time could be devestating. maybe taking some time off would help out.


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