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Ok, lets put my problem in perspective without making it sound too bad, it does make me sound a * * * *! Well, im 26 now, fell in love at a young age, relationship started when i was 17 and ended in tears last year (Jan 26th 2005) And i have been trying to find love again.

Things have been interesting of late, and i need advice on what to do next.

1) My ex has told me she loves me still, but due to what happened i am unsure that getting back with her is a good move because i was so hurt (long story, check my history) So do i forgive and forget? I dont know how i feel, as i am so mixed up about it.

2) Someone has shown interest in me but has lots of baggage, and has not been overly commiting (i.e she has been difficult to organise a doat with, always some traedy stopping it) So, do i try and commit, again i am unsure about this ine, but hey, risks sometimes pay off!

3) This is the biggie! I really like one girl, went out with her today, and i know she likes me (body language etc) But because of her past she is scared of men and really scared of sex. But i really like her! What do i do?

4) There is a gal from my past who i had feelings for during my long realationship, but i was not gonna throw my relationship away, but we stay in contact, and she is 50/50 with me, difficult to read. Do i make a play so to speak?

5) Last one, older woman, very sexy and flirty with me. She has been divorced for a year or so, and like me a lot, but i cant commit until i sort my head out!

You see, i need some perspective on these things, i cant work it out alone!


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I agree with the yang!


just b/c you have 'options' - it doesn't necessarily mean you have to take any of them!


you should take this time for youself, clear your head first! and be honest with yourself above all. how do you really feel? what do you really want?



especially since you have been in a very long relationship during a time where i think a person finds more about themselves - from 17 to 26 - that's a lot of growing up, and that's where i think most of us go through change (with ourselves) - so try to take a break from the love scene and try to get to know yourself a little better


but don't get me wrong...throughout our entire lives i think we change - each time to "one up" ourselves and become better than we were before! it's a learning experience - what are you going to do with this one?

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I concur. If your heart was really set on one of these girls, I think you wouldn't need to be asking us what to do. When you really want to be with someone, you know it. You would be pursuing that relationship and wouldn't be thinking about the others.


I was in a similar position last year. Girl I almost got with decided we should be friends instead. For some reason it seemed I had a number of girls flirting and interested. But my heart wasn't into it, and I went with none of them. So follow your heart.

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