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Ok to blame parents if u have an attitude once in a while!!!

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Now, come to think of it, parents at times don't do their best. They teach you about values, morals, and self-control, yet when they're showing you just the opposite. Based on my thread I posted below. Funny how now I'm finding myself getting mad again. Now I'm just finding new ways other than my usual talking back style, but part of me really blames them. Mom for yelling and cursing and dad, for not knowing how to control her tantrum other than using force, which did nothing at the end. I bet $300, that if mom had an argument right now and she say * * * * you to my dad or call names, he would be basically doing the way thing, raise his voice, telling her to shut up, then easily lose it if she doesn't shut up. And you call that teaching self-control?????

That's my thread below I posted before, read it if you want to.


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Here's how I see it:


Blame your parents for everything. It's why they are there.


Ok, seriously now. One of the biggest moments in growing up is realizing that your parents can be and probably are just as messed up as most people and have their own issues. Our parents are suppose to teach us the right way to act, teach us values and morals. Unfortunately, often it is "do as I say, not as I do."


Our parents actions affect us and plays a role in how we respond to things. But its still up to us to decide how we let it affect us. Can't use our parents as an excuse. Still have to take responsibility for our own actions.

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