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she says she loves me, but isnt sure if she wants to be with me?

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sorry if this thread has been made already but i couldnt find one, and i just need talking through the situation


me and my girlfriend have been together for just over 1 year (by days) im 17 and she is 16. thursday night she told me that

  • she wasnt happy and that our relationship isnt like it used to be.
  • she isnt sure if she still wants to be with me
  • she wants some space
  • she isnt sure if im still her boyfriend

she also said though

  • she still wants me to go see a band with her valentines day, sit with her on the way etc
  • she wanted to see me at lunch on friday
  • she still loves me

since then i saw her at lunch time and things were ok, she asked for a hug before i left (she had to go to her lesson) and she said she loved me, i said "i love you" back, because i do! friday night she went out and text me when she got in, she said she had a rubbish night and finished the text with "i love you"

i havent as yet text her back as she said she wanted some space

tonight she is going out again, however shes going out with some different friends who all drink lots and often end up in a nightlcub, they will then aim to get some . i know i sound pathetic but i love her and i want to be back with her again, i think we can be happy again, its just we both need to put in the effort (we both addmited we'd done things wrong)

all im asking is


do you think i should text her back???

i intend to do no contact until the show because i want to be happy and im worried that if i contact her itll make me feel worse and make things with us worse. but im worried about what will happen if i dont contact her.


do you think shell cheat on me at the club?

shes never cheated on me before and shes only ever slept with me, its just im worried because of her saying shes isnt sure if im still her boyfriend. i was wondering if i should text her to like remind her of me....if that makes sense? just to try and stop it from happening (i dont know if i would i just always think negativly)


thank you for reading, and replying if you do



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A person can cheat regardless of how much you contact her to remind her that you still love her. If she mentally checks out of the relationship & has already questioned whether she wants to be with you then it is more than likely that the relationship won't last. At least she is giving you a heads up so that you aren't left clueless if you, her or both of you decide to break up.

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