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My friends are acting strange and I don't know why

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My 4 best friends and I were really close. 2 are still great. But the other 2 have been acting strange for the past 2 weeks. They don't call me, email me, or talk to me. When I try to talk to them they act annoyed, busy, or direct their attention to everyone else in the room. One of them said everything was OK when I asked her if anything was wrong or if I hurt someone. I left an apology for whatever I did wrong on all of my friends voice mails. 2 wanted to know why I was apologizing and the other 2 still no contact. Should I stop being their friend?

I don't follow them around every second, call them 20 times per day, or take advantage of them. Last month they told me how everyone who meets me thinks I'm a charming people person. But this month I think they hate me. I'm really sad about it.

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Try not to worry too much about other people's behavior, there could be other personal things going on in their lives that is not related to you at all, whether it could be family, school or with themselves. Perhaps they do not feel comfy sharing it, who knows.

I would just leave it as is with them, b/c you already have 2 great friends. As time goes on, there will be different kinds of friends & you'll realize you won't be able to keep or stay in touch with all of them. Whether it be distance or simply growing apart.

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