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how long will a guy go without sex before cheating


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hello, I've been seeing this guy for quite some time we use to be in a good relationship but now because of his job we only see each other about once a month. which to me isn't really much of a relationship. but when i see him i always wonder if he has been with someone else because we only have sex once a month and that really isn't much. so can sex only once a month really keep a guy sastified and happy?

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he's all i know. and i have thought of breaking up with him often. because seeing him only once a month is not making me happy. i don't know how to tell him i'm not happy and mostly i'm not sure if i really trust him. he has only told me that he love me in the beginning of our relationship. i haven't heard him say it since. when i tell him that i love him he tells me it's to hard for him to say it back and that he has told me he loves me before.

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Are you cheating on him because you are only having sex with him once a month? Why are you questioning his morals? Do you feel that men are more likely to cheat than women? I have to wonder if you are just insecure or are you contemplating being with someone else. If your man is in love with you, you need to trust him. Being away from each other is tough but you should be longing for him rather than wondering about his will power. Do you think he is wondering about yours?


If you are not cut for this type of a relationship and not everyone is. This says nothing bad about you, you deserve to be happy and fulfilled.



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well it's not so easy to break up. and lately he has been really nice to me. i love the time that we have together i just which it was more. i consider moving in with him but i don't want to be the one to ask? so it is a could sign that he treating me better? cuz that's why it's hard for me to break up with him now.

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i love him tho. and i guess thats the reason i stay with him. as far as what relationship coach said, i think i have alot of insecurities. i wonder often if he loves me like i said he has only said it in the beginning. so he won't say it to me now. i know at one time he was disgusted with me, and he hasn't said it since. but he never questions me on what i am doing when we are apart.which i have alot of respect for him on that. when we were living together i excused him of cheating almost all of the time. i never had any proof i just couldn't trust him and was very suspicious.

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Shau nee (that's my mother's name by the way - Shawnee is - love it)


Have you had a chat to him about this? Have you asked him or told him how you feel?


I think if the relationship is worth holding on to and building from, you need to talk with him. Give him the opportunity to tell you where he is in all of it.


If you are contemplating breaking off with him maybe that is something that needs to be explored, but give him a heads up. He may be thinking about the same things.

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