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Lexapro / ringing in the ears


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I have been asking alot during my "coming off period" Lexapro and first off, thank you to everyone that's helped me out!


Over the past few days, I have developed a ringing in the ears, as my dose gets lower and more spread out. I work with my ears (television) and although this doesn't bother me when there's something else in the room, if the room is quiet, I am almost going mad -- never happened to me before, because I always use ear protection.


I have read that people go through this while coming off of lexapro. My question is, is it permenent or is it just part of the 'withdrawal' period??


And just incase it helps, I have been around NO loud noises the past month (ie, concers, construction sites, etc.). So that's why this is MORE confusing. I've always experienced it after concerts (even with ear protection).


Anyways, sorry for rambling -- any info would be greatly appreciated!!!


- Cory

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I was on Lexapro a couple of years ago, took it for 3 years with no problems. Recently went back on it on a lower dose and within 24 hours had the ringing in my ears plus other side effects. I am off of it now for a week, still have the ringing and it is driving me up a wall. My office is very quiet and the ringing gets unbearable when I am at work, also when I try to sleep! My doc isn't sure if it will go away. If it doesn't, I won't need any more medication because this noise will put me over the edge.

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I had the "ringing in the ears" problem about two years ago. I started noticing it more frequently, and thought perhaps something was wrong. I saw and ear, nose and throat specialist and he assured me that nothing was wrong. He said the condition (known as tinnitus) is actually quite common. Mine disappeared as mysteriously as it showed up.

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