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Is he really interested? or am i being a fool?

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This guy im dating at the moment ive liked for absolutely ages and is absolutely gorgeous. Ive been on several dates with him and we've recently started having sex not because he's anyway forced me but because i really wanted to. The thing is- im working away at the moment so i only get to see him every 3 or 4 weeks when im home for 4days and we spend loads of time together. HOWEVER, when im away he never seems that interested and seems to forget me no texts or emails etc-when im away ill usually phone him once a day for about 10mins but if i dont phone he makes no effort to contact me at all. So if i leave it a few days without contacting him and then phone he'll be like "OH hi long time no speak" so he has noticed i havent rang. Why doesnt he ever contact me? Is it because im abroad and it costs alot? am i not worth wasting money on? When im home he takes me out for expensive meals and always insists on paying for me so surely he's not that tight with money.


He's said in the past "id be your boyfriend but i think your not too sure" which kinda shows he is after a relationship so maybe we just need to talk. Im just going crazy because i feel like im doing all the work and all the chasing. He has said to me "look i know im a bastard to you- im always busy and doing something but I dont want to be like that" what the hell is that meant to mean??

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What do you want out of your relationship with him? Do you want an exclusive relationship where he's your boyfriend? Or are you happy with it being a casual friends with benefits situation?


I can't know for certain what he's thinking, but the surest way to find out the answers to your questions is to ask him yourself. I think the next time you see him in person you should ask him what he wants out of this relationship with you. If he is not interested in a serious relationship and you are, then perhaps it's better to cut your losses now and go to NC before you invest yourself even more in him emotionally and get hurt more in the future when things don't work out.

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