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I need some advice please.... Feeling lost

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I am completely lost on what to do. I am in the most amazing relationship that I have ever been in my whole life. The guy I am with treats me like I have never been treated before.


But that isn't the issue. The issue is me. I can sit here and speculate on why I do what I do but it still doesn't make sense and I don't want to make up excuses for my behavior.


To try and keep it to the point.. there are time when I completely lash out on him for no reason. There is something in my head that completely turns off everything and wants to push him away. I have no idea why... I really don't want to push him away but I am sure acting like it. It is like I am pushing him to break up with me. It is when I am in a "low-mood" and everything seems to be negative with me... then it all snowballs into a fight. he doesn't even fight back... I have no idea why it is I do it.. I know when I am pretty tired or a little irritated I can get like that but it just isn't fair to him.


I don't want to lose him and I thank god he is so patient with me and he said he will do what it takes to work through this with me.. but it hurts him. He feels like he frustrates me or that I really don't want to be with him.. which is sooooo not true.


Has anyone ever gotten like this before? I don't know, major moodswings? Just feels like no matter what once I get on a roll there is no stopping me until I say stupid things. I seriously feel crazy when it happens. And I am a pretty normal person lol...


Any advice or suggestions would help!!


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Anyone who has major mood swings should see a doctor and explain what is going on. There may be a physical cause which is treatable or you may need a therapist to help you find the reason. Whatever the cause, you need some help to diagnose it.

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Same thing happened to me. Im in a wonderful relationship with bf. He's patient. I lash out on him and push him to the edge for no reason. I used to be on Yasmin - that caused high anxiety and i was all over the place. Now, Im on low hormone bc pills, much better BUT I still will pick fights!


Go to your doctor!! You don't want to lose your great bf, great guys are hard to find

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Have you had boyfriends break up with you before? I am asking because maybe the lashing out is testing him? You know seeing how much he will take from you before he finally has had enough. It is a screwed up way of treating a relationship but sometimes when you don't feel so good about yourself and have had bad experiences in past relationship this happens.

It also could be a chemical thing too? For me it took about 5 different type pills until I found the right one.

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I have never been through a breakup in my entire life. He's my first serious bf. I've dated some mean guys and was always afraid to be in a relationship(I had a bad relationship with my father, he was awful). I guess I feel like any guy is capable of being like my dad? I dont want to get hurt?

Maybe Iam testing him...but i think it's a chemical imbalance or something. I love him so much.

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Sounds like a great guy, and you may lose him if you keep it up.


You need a professional's advice. Possibly need to pick up a book on Cognative Therapy. I think you have some inward unhappiness.

Go to Barnes and Nobles, and pick out a few books in the Self Help section that interest you, sit down, and read for a bit. Buy whichever one helps you/speaks to you the most.


You may have an a seratonin imbalance and need life style changes.

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I'd have to agree that the BC pills could be a major reason. I go through exactly what you are going through. I am moody at times and just fight with my bf for no reason and I know for a fact it is the BC because I have never been like this before I was on it. I didn't know about Yasmin though like the other girl said.. I should consider trying another one!

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