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What is the trend or female preference?

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Ok.. for the first time ever I need to shave 'below' in the pubic area in order to deal with an allergic reaction to my washing detergent. It has caused my skin to break out into a dry skin rash... so I need to trim some in order to apply a treatment...


question is....having never really 'maintained' that area other than cleaning.... what is the trend? what is the preference by female of how a man grooms himself below.. figure while i am there... might as well landscape the yard...... so this was not intended to be a cutesy question to see what people would say... but i would like to get some genuine female responses as to what they prefer.......

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Er.... Female here. There are lots of different preferences, just as guys have lots of different preferences for how women groom themselves. It depends on the kind of women you date, but I'd say you can't go wrong with mostly natural to moderately tidy. Perhaps a bit trimmed, but certainly not too ah, bare or fancy. Many women don't like guys who are high-maintenance in the 'primping' department, and this falls under that heading. No pun intended. Well, sort of intended.

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