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Story about this guy I have a crush on.


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the probability that the guy will actually come here, randomly just choose your thread from like billion threads is very small indeed. You can say whatever you want, besides, he might not recognize the case or he might think that surely someone else in this world has similar case to what he has..

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Okay I have a crush on this guy. I'm not sure if he feels the same way. I don't want to just ask him straight up how he feels towards me.


He would purposely bump into me and would say "Oh sorry I didn't see you." He would have some kind of physical contact with me such as poking, pinching, tapping. He would come up to me and start talking to me and sometimes he wouldn't even have anything to say to me. I have asked him a couple of times why he does those things to me, and he wouldn't answer me.


Just recently, him and I were talking and then this other guy comes up to us. Then he goes on to talk to him and says, "Why are you trying to hit her up for? You know I saw her first." Then the guy I have a crush on didn't comment on what he said. It makes me wonder what they are up to. There was this one incident when the guy I have a crush on dropped some papers on the floor, and that same guy says to me, "See, you make him nervous." Again, the guy I have a crush on doesn't say anything in reply to that.



I need, preferably, a guy's perspective on this. Also, what does a guy usually do or how does he usually act around a girl he likes or is interested in? I'm not good at picking up signs. Thanks in advance.

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Hahaha no it isn't my real name. LOL.


Ok, so how should I act like without being obvious that I have a crush on him. How do I subtly show him. I know I should just act myself, but I want him to get some subtle hints..I'm usually mean to him-I cut him off, ignore him. Would he think I'm not at all interested in him?

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Yeah, basically. Which is why he is trying to see if you are interested, but thinks you;re going to reject him. Try asking him something about himself, like about a hobby or something, and actually let him talk about it... and pretend you're actually interested

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