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hmm... isn't it funny

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Today when I was at work I got a text from this guy that my ex worked with. I hung out with this guy only once... it was after my ex's work party, and him and his friend came back to my place for a few drinks. So I havne't talked to this guy, or seen him, in over a month. I get a random text today, just saying hey... and it's from this guy. I don't know him.. never did. We aren't friends... he's just a friend of an ex. So, he text again, saying "I miss you! We all need to hang out again" so I'm thinking, oh god, my ex didn't tell him we broke up. So I text him back saying that my ex and i aren't together anymore. He said he was sorry, that he'd forgotten. I said that it was no big deal... that I was over it and actually kind of interested in someone at the moment. Not more than five minutes after I sent that last text, I got a text from none other than my ex himself... and it said "so who's this guy you're dating?"... not that I even said I was dating anyone. I should have just not responded... kept him guessing.. why would he care anywayz? He wants to go out and be with other girls, but wants me to still be at home crying over him, right? Well, I text him back saying that it was some guy that came to my birthday party last week that I kinda hit it off with, and that it was nothing serious. I just thought it was kind of funny... and somethings telling me that he told his friend to text me in the first place.... it's pretty weird that his friend was trying to be all buddy buddy... he even went as far as to say "we can talk about anything, adn I promise I won't tell ____" weird... very weird.... something isn't right with this, and I know it. Anywayz, this may sound really mean, but it actually felt kind of good to make him jealous again... it felt good to know that he knows that I'm over it and I'm over him. Just thought I'd give y'all a little update on that! Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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