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How to make it better for her?

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Hey people,


Well 've been dating this girl for 1½ month now, she is 18 and i'm 21. Before I started seeing my beloved gf I had only had sex once, which happened without me really wanting it to happen. My former gf and me didn't have sex, because sex is something important to me, and just 1 week before I dated her she had sex with one of my friends, which scared me and that part of the relationship with her (perhaps important, when taking the further information into consideration), furtheremore we dated for 3 months. Then last year in march I had a date with a girl who slep with me etc, she couldn't leave me alone and we had sex twice, she told me I was good etc, and I was flattered. Well, with my currently gf we have sex all the time, nearly also had it on the first date. We started out only doing missionary position and then it developed into her on top....


Well i got some questions for you...


I like to go down on her a lot and she likes it, but do u have any ideas to turn her more on when down there? I know some solutions as when your licking you try to make the movements different etc, so u just don't do the same thing over and over. I've heard that a lot of women easier "cums" by having oral, and i'd really like her to do that....but how?


My size is 8,66 inches, which I know is a lot but our sex is great and she tells me I make her happy, and make her tremble in the whole body during sex (hereby meaning that she gets this itchy nice feeling in her hands and body etc..), but I really want her to get over the top, we've tried some positions, but somehow we find doggystyle difficult and furthermore find other positions, where she isn't on top the same. It's mostly me who makes the move and really do the moves while she relaxes, also on top, and I would like to know if this could be a reason for her not getting "the last" way...


I don't want to sound weird or something, because we have great sex etc, but I would really like some suggestions on how to make her come, even though we have a lot of sex and good as it is, I still find the most important thing for me to satisfy her and make her happy, as I normally do in our relationship.


Hope you can help me, any suggestions or solutions would be appreciated.


Yours - wanting to make her tremble more



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Use your imagination man! Try some different things and see how she reacts...if you're unsure, ask her if it's good or if she would like you to do something specific. Communicating like that seems to really turn some ladies on...


No hard-and-fast (no pun intended ) rules here, everyone is different...

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How to make it better for her? Depends on her.

I'll just supposed that she's somewhat typical. Try to have something that touches every sense she has. Smell/taste/touch/visual/hearing.


What kind of atmosphere do you have? Do you have candles/incense for a nice smell, some girls like "leather" smells and musky smells too, adding some fruits/chocolate/syrop/whipped cream for taste? Adding in some fluffy pillows or perhaps leather gloves or feathers or whatever for some touch variations, or a massage/oils/tub before. For visual? what about warm low lighting, black lights, glow in the dark stuff, flowers, petals, stuff to look at. And for hearing, what about music/atmospheric sounds (Ambient, nature, spa sounds) or if she likes jungle,heavy metal, or country have a mix CD on. If she likes it club-loud or soft background, do that.


Guys usually are thinking about "techniques" cuz that's how guys think first. "Press red button, then this happens, press blue button, then this happens". But girls can be more complex than that,. On the other hand, once in a while, they'd be happy with you pressing their buttons too.


About doggystyle, she doesn't have to stay on all fours, her head can be down on the pillow, her back could be arched.


Funny, but when you say she trembles and she has an "itchy" feeling all over, well maybe she already has been climaxing.




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Communicate with her. Talk with her and see if she has any fantasies or ideas. She probably has things that she would like to try and would make it more enjoyable for her. You want to give her what she wants, so why not go to the source, see what she likes, and then make her dreams come true?


Derek gave great advice in stimulating the senses. Sex is mental and emotional. It generally isn't what you do that makes it feel great (through there is some physical stuff involved of course) its the idea behind it. Create a romantic setting or even just hold her for awhile with music playing in the background. Just let her know you love her and want her. You want her to relax completely so she will let go and be more into it. Foreplay is key.

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Thanks for the advice again.. hehe..


I hold her to romantic music everytime we are together and hug her and makes her feel like a women, i try to be romantic etc, and it's working a lot, we spend a lot of our time just lying in the bed listenin to romantic music and talks walks.. but I can easily see your point of making it more romantic.. 1000 thanks for the advice

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one of the things that i most like when my bf does for me is just a massage. i know, its simple and cliche but it's so nice and it really puts me in the mood. It's one of my favorite ways of foreplay. you can make it as sensual as you want. make a night all about her, put on a calm cd that she loves, make or buy her her favorite dessert. it sounds like your on a good track.

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one of the things that i most like when my bf does for me is just a massage. i know, its simple and cliche but it's so nice and it really puts me in the mood.


It's the simple things that can be the most exciting. Just having someone run their hand along your spine and whisper or blow in your ear can be very arousing.

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