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Hello all, Any help would be much appreciated. This is going to be long. I'm 16 and she is 16 also. I really like this gurl and it's been a year since i seen her. We used to go to middle school together. And toward the end of the year i told her my feelings and said she like me also but neither of us acted on our actions. 1 year later i just happened to see her online and i begin to chat. She brings up my love life and im like ohhh its nothin without you in it. I wanna finish what should have been started a long time ago. So we start to chat. Now i've had numerous relationships with many women. The longest was like 3 or 4 months.


I feel that she is playing games with me and it's wrong to be played with.. Im so angry. The first day i meet her im like ohh let's me up saturday. And she responds i can't im busy. Then the next day im like ohh let's hang out or something, and she's like i can't. So im like can i call you...So i did and we had a mad good convo. I made her laugh she made me laugh and there was no * * * *ing silence. Then im in the middle of one of my rantings she's like ohh i gotta go. So im like ok. The next day im so tired of so much waiting that I ask her if we're in a relationship or are we just friends. Her response was "what do you think" and im like ohh i wanna be in one and i wanna treat you correct but this not seeing each other and chatting stuff has got to go. She's like ohhhh it's been a year since we seen each other we need to get closer. So i agree.


Later into the convo she starts talking about her old boyfriend and im so heated cuz this has got to stop she always does this and it gets me so angry (this is the second time).I never talk about my old gurl friends because i feel it is disrespectful She's like ohh i was in love. Im like w/e.


Now one of my friends told me that i should tell her how I feel. But that aint gonna work, in my opinion. Cuz if she still like this guy that she's always talking about will ever she ever want me? My other friend is like leave her becuase she doesn't know what she wants And im leaning toward breaking up. But i care, kinda, and don't wanna regret my mistakes. i think about her all the time. i've failed so many test this cuz i can't concentrate and the weird thing is that i don't this sort of stuff when i'm with a gurl. An for her act to act this way is gettin me mad, but you probably realize this already.


Now if i tell her my feelings will she be more into me and realize that she need to forget about this guy or should i stop wasting time and quit. Or should i get closer...but one cannot get closer with just chatting and talk on the phone. Although i don't see how this is going to work. And i used to know people that used to worship women and those women would just walk all over them.


My only conern is that this always happens i break up find another and then breakup again. I think im doing something wrong by not expressing my feelings.


My friends says that i need to go the extra mile with her in order to keep her. He also said that maybe she's trying to get me jealous in order to see my real feelings although i don't think this is case.

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Well if you really like her then go out with her. After another couple of weeks tell ehr that you want to start something. Take it from there. You cant let her yank you around like that. If she's unsure of her feelings, it's unfair to both of you to be in that relationship. Tell her how you feel. You need closure, wether that means starting a new chapter with or without her. You need to know.

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Well, if you have never shown your feelings before and you think that might have a role in your breakups, then it might be good to start addressing that with yourself. Maybe try it a little... not too much... just start opening up a little.


As for the talking about old boyfriends, that's typically a red flag if they belabor the point. I would ask her why she keeps bringing up her ex, flat out. Get to the bottom of it. Address it now before you get closer to this girl.

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