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Hey all,


I just thought i would post a positive message to say how happy i am right now. There has been (and still is!) a lot going on in my life that bothered me at one point but doesn't anymore, such as:


- Seeing my ex-gf every day with her new boyfriend - i used to be jealous but i am over her now and actually rather happy that she has found a nice guy who will treat her well.


- Social life - recently i have been feeling a lot of pressure to help out all my friends with their problems, but now i am happy to becuase i have realised that give and take is what life is all about. My friends have helped me and i should restore the balance by helping them, no matter how difficult or depressing.


- Talents - i often feel that even though i am pushing myself as hard as i can to improve my guitar playing and musical knowledge, i am not getting anywhere. But recently i looked back 6 months and remembered what i could do at that time, now i have realised how much i have progressed. The progression was just so greadual that i didnt notice it in the short term!


- Girls - i make out with random girls at parties when i am drunk and then feel bad the next day becuase i fear that they will expect a relationship (which i dont want) but i have realised that i shouldn't feel bad becuase i havent led them on in any way because it is usually the drink talking (on both sides!).


- Mates - one of my friends asked us out for drinks the other day, when i declined becuase i was busy he said "It won't be the same without you". This made me feel really good about myself and the bonds i have with all of my friends.


I dont know why i posted this but i thought it would be nice to share a little positivity and hopefully help people to see that no matter where you are right now (and no matter how dark that place might be), there is a bright side, you will become a stronger person with each bad experience you encounter. Just keep looking forwards!!

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Hehe... I didn't even see the post about happy


Happy? huh... what the heck do *I* have to offer happy... go away


hehe... seriously though, that's awesome. It's really important to be able to look back and see how far you've come. That's why I kept a journal. It helped immensely in realizing that I was getting better all the time.


Now, if I could only find party girls to make out with, I think my life would be complete

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