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Falling in love - but is he gay?

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Hey, I'm back with a new thread =P


There's this guy who was in my homeroom, and now since the new semester is here and the classes have changed, he is now in my 4th class. He's very quiet and his face is so beautiful. He has blonde highlights on the top of his brown hair, and a 'big diamond stud' sort of earring on his left ear.


He doesn't talk to anyone in the class unless we have to do some kind of partner project. In my homeroom class, he doesn't talk to anyone either. He only talked to this one girl only because she started talking to him, and she tries to talk to him. Do you think he could be gay? Usually it's the quiet ones that are gay or a lesbian, like my lesbian friend is or how I was in the beginning of the year until my friends made me really hyper and outgoing. This guy is literally shy because he didnt look at anyone during his presentation today, he had his head down.


I'm really starting to like him and I'm interested, but I couldn't just walk up to him and say hi. Oh, I just remembered too. We have these paper bags that we hang up on the wall, and we put notes in them to compliment on something about their project or something like that. (Psh..I always find out the first step whenever I write out my problem on this site, lol.) Well, it would be awkward to talk to him. If I wrote a note and he didn't say anything back, then what would I do after that though?.. and what would I write in it?

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Well, I wouldnt put too much thought into it.


Normally if a girl wants to approach a guy they just say the classic sentance.

"Hi! I'm [name], whats up?"

or if you're looking to be on a more intimate level with the boy.. say,

"Hi, you're really cute. My names [so and so] whats yours?"


Maybe he already knows your name, or vis-versa but its just a conversation starter.

Give him a hint that you're interested, and if he doesnt respond back, or acts sketchy, it could be because of his shyness and not because he doesnt like you.

Just be forward and out-going.

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And NO. He is probably not gay.

You're being very sterotypical thinking he's gay for being shy.

You need to stop thinking that, and fast. Being that immature really says alot on your part. But since it says your fourteen, I guess you dont know any better?

No-one is truly gay unless they admit, or you see it happening.


Wow, you really didn't need to insult him for expressing an opinion.


Anyway, Erk, it wouldn't hurt to leave him a kind little note inside of the paper bag.


It usually is the quiet ones...lol. I was painfully shy all throughout school, and I am still quite the introvert. Not saying that all quiet people are gay, but ALOT are. It is the whole feeling of being alienated from everyone else.

The best way to get to know him is to just take the initiative and be his friend. Even if he isn't gay you might make a life long friend.

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Well, I am pretty shy too, but I think that if were to be totally straight, I'd still be a huge outcast, either way.


My advice: Pursue his friendship, not a relationship. 1. You aren't 100% sure of his sexual orientation. 2. This guy sounds like he needs a friend, so even if you weren't attracted to him, befriending him would be nice.

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I didn't mean for it to sound like I meant all shy guys are gay. No, I know that.. I meant that in a sort of 'increases the chances of' thing.


He definitly does need a friend, I can totally agree, but I don't want to make him feel nervous if I talk to him whenever, because when I used to be terribly shy, I was almost talking from my throat. I'll try going after friendship then, too.


And I probably will put a note in one his bag, cause I don't think anyone else would have done so. =P

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No-one is truly gay unless they admit, or you see it happening.

I'd have to disagree with this, lots of people are gay but not openly displaying it. Even if you are comfortable with your sexuality which a lot of teenagers aren't, its hard to be "out" in school. It takes a lot of confidence to be publicly gay in a straight environment. Thats not to say this lad is gay at all, lots of people are shy for lots of reasons, so just try being friendly to him, start with a smile and a hello. At the very least you make him feel his class is more pleasant, and it never hurts to make a new friend.

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Another shy guy who isn't gay. Personality traits like that aren't a good way to determine if a person is gay.


As for this guy, I would just concentrate on being his friend. Just casually say hi and ask him something. Try to get to know him. A shy person appreciates when a person does that. But hinting you like him could easily scare him away, if he is gay or not.

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