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Girls are crazy!


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Today I was talking to the girl I like on msn and we started to talk about Metallica. So anyways I said cant you play fade to black (a song by them)? I knew she could do this because I talked with her before and she said she could play the intro to that song. Anyways after I said this she said yes and had one of those icons that said your creeping me out. So she started acting weird and she said she didnt know what I was talking about and then she logged off. Right now I feel like a creep or a petafile or something but all I asked was if she could play a song because she said she could before, was this a wrong thing to do? I really cant say I understand girls they all make me crazy

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Yes, well it just annoys me. I have been trying to be atleast friends with these three girls in grade 9 (im gr.11) who I am interested in. This girl that I was talking to msn was the one that I have liked for such a long time and which has pretty much made me down for the past few months. So I guess from this day forward I have decided that I am not going to talk to them or put effort into doing anything for them, il just wait and see how they like that or just move on because the woe they all have created is overtaking me and its time to get rid of it.

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It would annoy me as well. If they or she is not treating you nicely, and you feel its causing you too much frustration, then it might be the thing to do on the " getting rid of it" . Meaning just have as little contact as necessary, be cordial, and limit talking to them if you feel its best for you. Maybe they are just immature and dont think about your feelings. Girls and guys can sometimes be insensitive and uncaring. You have done your part on trying to be friends.

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Yeah I want to get rid of this but sometimes I tell myself, you have liked all of these girls for such a long time and even though you were painfully shy you still managed to put as much effort as you could into it. So I mean if I have already put all this time into it, should I really quit now? I want to be happy but at the same time I dont want to be depressed wondering what could have been.

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I guess you might need to think about whether or not they treat you equally as much as a friend , as you do toward them. DO they act at all like they want to be your friend. ? Even though you might have been shy, you DID put forth the effort to be friends. If they dont reciprocate back, then its their loss. I understand how you feel you have put so much time in to being friends with them,and to just stop you would feel its all been in vain and accomplished nothing. A true friend is there for you, willing to talk to you, willing to share feelings and thoughts, negative and positive.

I dont think you were a creep for asking her to play the song. Like I said, maybe the lyrics to the song kind of freaked her out. For what ever reason she thought it was creepy , she should have explained it to you.

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Yeah your right. The thing is that all of these girls at one point seemed to be attracted to me. At first the girl (who got creeped out) stared at me and even said hi (a long time ago) when I didnt even know her. Then the other girls at one point seemed to be all over me etc. The next moment though things like this happen and I dont know what to do. I mean a while ago one of the girls (I told her I thought she was hot) and she freaked out in a good way. Sorry if that didnt make that much sense, but sometimes I feel as though there is interest and then the next moment I feel like an idiot. I guess though your advice is probably the best, just act casual and dont try unless they talk to you.



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