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This could hurt or backfire but i am determined!

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Hi everyone,


I had recently posted here regardin how i got a call from my ex accusing me of lots of things that i never did, gettin mails not threatening but still sayin somethin that doesn't make sense to me. Anyways the thing, i am trying somethin which could be really stupid on my part, could either backfire or atleast make her understand what it takes for a relationship to work out.


I am going to tell her everything once again in a more detailed manner but politely, although she did all those things like betraying me, hurting me on many occasions, i dunno what i am going to gain from this but hoping somethin good would come out of it.


either :


* she would understand what all things went wrong and probably finally decide to move on.


* she would try working out with me, although i am determined if i getback i won't be taken for a ride.


* she comes to know about all those things that wasn't right in the relationship, probably takes it as a lesson for her future relationships.


* she would say no fine you go your way i go my way.....


in any case i hope she stop accusing me of whatever went wrong and really either moves on or works it out with me.


I have moved on and am really not upset by her behaviour but still i want her to settle down with her emotions, hope this goes the right way.

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I wouldn't do it. If she has decided there's all these reasons she hates you, blames you for this and that, etc. what do you need to prove to her? Nothing.


If you two get back together, nothing will have been resolved, her issues will continue, and you will be torn in two all over again.


If you really have moved on, there's no reason for you to resume contact with her, especially after all the nonesense you've endured. If you resume contact with her now, it will bring up all sorts of emotions and take you on a whirlwind.


If you've come this far, don't bother turning back now. She has decided that you did all these things and nothing will chang her mind.

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thanks itsok, but i feel i needed to, going with my heart here for one last time, i know i am not proving anything here....absolutely nothin.


She gave me a call after that and said she now feels she is a very bad person for whatever she did and doesn't understand why i would still want her back. She said its better she stay single and stop messin around with guys and that i will get a better girl who really loves me the way i am.


hmm, anyways i said its how we react to certain things in life that makes us feel that we are a bad person, i didn't give her any false hopes nor fooled around with her, if she doesn't want me in her life or doesn't want to work out her issues in the relationship, fine no problems. I said to take care of her health and do well in her future endeavors. and hence forth i won't be bothering her at all.


Her tone had changed, blamings gone, no more sudden hangin or bangin up of phones....well i hope she does really does well in future.


Thats it.....i am finally done with her, touchwood.

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