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How Should I Handle This? Please Reply!

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One of my best friends is unhappy with her ENTIRE life. She says everything is going wrong. She slits her wrist, mouths off, does drugs and just doesn't care about anything. I wasnt to help her but I just don't know how. I talk to her about it all the time. She says it's what keeps her fomr killing herself! I don't know. I;'m running out of things to say to comfort her. She wont go see anybody about getting help, so she's completely on her own except for me. No body wants to deal with her. It's so weird. They just don't like her. She gets upset about that too. When she tells people what she thinks they laugh at her. I'm her only support. I try my hardest but I am also tying to get through life. Any advice?

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At 13 you don't need this drama. It can actually hurt you to feel responsible for her actions and it may delay her from getting professional help. You have enough to do in your own life right now, and need to turn your friend over to her family. You aren't abandoning her if you do this.

As it stands, you're possibly helping her continue her bad behavior.

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She may not have anybody, but you do. You have your parents, your family and teachers and you should tell them what is going on.


All of this is probably grinding you down and making you miserable and afraid of what could happen. It's WAY to big to keep a secret anymore because if you don't she might kill herself, even with your support. Do the right thing. Confide in someone you trust in real life. Someone you trust can take control of this.


Don't feel bad about it, do whats right for you and her.It's what we ALL do when we feel like there is no escape and no end to the problem. Don't think that this is snitching, it's not. It's saving someone life who you worry and care for and this girl is at risk every minute of every day that you keep this to yourself. Tell an adult.

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Continue being there for her. That she is reaching out to you is a positive sign. However, you can't do this alone. In a case like this, you need to talk to someone who can help her. Talk to her parents, or your parents so they can take it to her parents. Stage an intervention. And if this is causing you problems, find someone you can talk to as well - family member, teacher, counselor.


She needs to get help for what is bothering her, and the best way to help is to leave this in the hands of someone more qualified while still being a good friend and supporting her emotionally.


I'm thinking of both of you and hoping that she can get through this.

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