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***my bed is my best friend***

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Hey everyone, I just want to know if this is normal for someone my age.


Im 18 years old, and will be turning 19 this year.

I eat healthy, exercise daily and drink plenty of water.


However im always tired, I'll sleep 7-10 hours anight, and when I wake up, am tired, will stay up for maybe 30 minutes, and then go back to bed for about 1 hour, get up for alittle longer, maybe until after lunch and then I will go back to bed. And then sometimes I will have another nap, and then wait for bed time.


Is this normal for someone my age?????




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I would suggest you contact a doctor....it IS normal to need more sleep at your age, however not sleeping all through the night then sleeping so much during the daytime! That would mean you are sleeping for more then half the day sometimes, which is a pretty bad pattern to get into, and getting up and going back to bed frequently is another sign you have some disordered sleeping patterns. And you should not ALWAYS be tired, that indicates either a medical issue, or you are oversleeping or not getting proper sleep.


It may be a medical issue, or even a mental one, so I would definitely consult a doctor - whom may also refer you to a sleep clinic/specialist if they cannot find anything medical. It could be your quality of sleep is lacking, you are anemic, whom knows...but I would get it checked out.

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Funny enough, I just came on here thinking about posting the same topic.


I am 23 and I sleep too much. Its a horrible feeling to want to stay awake and you can't. Some weekends all I do is eat, sleep, eat, sleep. Some say it might be sleep apnea but I am yet to take the test. Another problem I have which you may too is that I start to fall alseep while driving, plus when I try to read a book. A doctor once told me its all got to do with concentration. I can sleep anywhere between 2 and 5 hours during the day. Normally I sleep in 2 hour durations.

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Cute title!


You might want to have a physician diagnose you. Perhaps it could be mono. It doesn't necessarily have to be contracted through mouth-to-mouth contact. You can catch mono simply by sharing drinks with someone who has it. I know that when I was your age, I was a bit more cautious about sharing drinks with some friends (especially the ones who I sensed made out with guys- or even friends of friends who seemed a bit more on the easy side- if you know what I mean).


Anyway, another thing to consider is- your age. Your hormones are going crazy. So you're body has to adjust to the rapid change. For me, even for my age, whenever I'm about to reach 'that' time of the month, my hormones kick in- it hits me hard. Since I'm lightweight- it takes a complete TOLL on my body and I automatically get EXTREMELY drowsy.


My best advice:

1. Have a doctor examine your condition.

2. Run for 30 min. (at least once every other 3 days, lol)

3. Drink OJ (vitamin C gives you an extra boost- take it with Ca+ pills as well).

4. Find the right type of lighting that best suits you- bright, warm, cool, etc.

5. Get some sun. Pull up the blinds/shades- bring sunlight into your room.

6. Don't allow yourself to stay stationary at one position for too long (i.e. watching tv for hours in bed).

7. Avoid fatigue- cut down on the caffeine (coffee withdrawls are the WORST).

8. Avoid eating foods that cause extreme feelings of satiety- Coma Food (i.e. foods fried in lard, extra cheesy food, anything that's super fatning, pasty/heavy/extra creamy)

9. Avoid siestas.


Thats about it! Good luck!

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ive been like this for, i dont know, maybe 3 years... ive been to the doctors, last year, and have had blood tests, and they have said its nothing, but im totally not convinced.

i do exercise about 2 hours a day, which doesnt include my work, i cant eat really fatty foods, because it doesnt agree with my body and i get sick. and i dont watch alot of tv.


but does anyone know of any diets or anything that might help me, like any foods that give you engery, i dont drink coffee, and softdrinks unless its the sugar free ones...i eat heaps of fruit.... but is there anything else???


i want the doctors to be the last resort, because as u all know, i totally hate doctors, only coz they always have bad news, or make you have needles.

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Billyjean has it right on. I would like to add:


* find out if you get more REST from your sleep in another bed.

* sleep with your window open. You need fresh oxygen during sleep

* sleeping too long only makes you drowsy, so cut the hours and force yourself to get up at regular times, even in the weekend. When I worked a job where i had to leave early and get up around 6 am, I had strong headaches on saturdays when I'd suddenly sleep until 10.

* don't do anything else than sleeping in the bed. Don't read in bed or watch tv in bed.


Hope it helps,



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Good advice from everyone so far, especially billyjean. They've got the physical aspects down. One thought, could it be something emotionally that is affecting you? Are there problems or issues that are unresolved that is draining your energy level? If so, see about dealing with them or getting help for them.

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