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Need some tips on how to satisfy my girlfriend...


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Our sex life is ok. But we only do one position, missionary. We i curl my fingers up whilst fingering her vagina, she gets a weird feeling in her stomach and feels like she needs to pee, this is also the same when we do it doggystyle from behind, i think this is because im hitting her G Spot.


Im 18, she is 16, and i am only her 2nd person to have sex with her. I need to know how to get her to let go, and just let herself orgasm/cum even though she gets strong feelings of wanting to pee!!


I mean i make her moan, an she enjoys it, but cant seem to get her to go over the edge either because i need more experience, but also wen i do hit the rite spot sexually or while masturbating her clit or vagina, she stops me because she think she needs to pee. And i have even showed her letters in FHM magazine, that girls feel this when the g spot is hit or when they are close to cumming.


P.S. She said to me she enjoys it much better when i give her oral sex, becasue she said it feels alot nicer and better. I was pleased to hear im good at it, but a bit piss.ed off that my sexual performance with regards to vaginal penetration wasnt anything to shout about.


I really want to make her scream, she just seems to breathe heavily and moan quite low sometimes.




Any replies, advice etc will be really, really appreciated.


(p.s. 6 and half inch penis long, 5 inches round on erection- just thought i would include this as added info)



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Many woman can only have orgasms by oral stimulation directly on the clitoris while other women reach an orgasm more often by penetration a G-spot stimulation. The woman that can have both is a rare treat. Get to know each other and talk! Let her guide you, it's OK to take directions from a woman, get in some practice you'll be getting directions for the rest of your life! Have fun and always use protection!



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It does sound like you may be hitting her g-spot, but it takes time for a woman to get over the "weird feeling" and let go......give it time. You can't really rush it or anything, it can be uncomfortable at first until you break that barrier. Or, she may not get there for many years (some women don't ever).


Also realize, a large majority of woman DON'T orgasm with penetration, it is by clitoral stimulation. This is not a failure on any of your parts.


I am one of those whom can reach orgasm either way, but it did take me getting more comfortable with my body and it was not until my 20's I started having g-spot ones.


Let her guide you, if she likes oral, have fun with that, and if she enjoys it she is more likely to come that way anyway.


And, there is nothing wrong with moaning, not every woman screams at every touch...that's only in the porn movies

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she is 16, that is an OK age, i started at 16 aswel.


Anyway thanks for your advice. But how long would you think it would take her to get over the feeling or peeing? Should i keep doing it so she gets used to it?


Please keep all your comments coming, i wud like as many replies as possible.

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She may not actually got over the feeling of peeing exactly until she lets herself go past that the first few times. If she gets to that point, then stops or holds back it will always feel the same. It can be a huge mental block for some women progressing past that point. There are things you can try other than what you have in showing her reference that state it does happen for others. You can take the viewpoint that if she feels like peeing, set up the situation so that wounldn't actually matter. For example, if you had sex in the shower or bathtub, it wouldn't matter if she did accidentally pee as she thinks she might. Alternately, you could try lining the bed with a couple of layers of towels or something similar. This approach puts her mind at ease about what she thinks might happen, so that may assist her in moving past that sensation.


Don't get hung up on making her scream, most women don't, and it's not a good indicator of how much pleasure she is experiencing anyway. The same way some poeple scream when hurt and others don't make a sound. Groans and low pitched moans are just as good as screams anyway.


All this has nothing to do with your size, and at 18 you have a long way to go anyway about learning to please a woman. I'm still trying to get that one figured out, I'm more than twice that age!

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Sigh... Ash, you seem to steal all the things I'm going to say in these posts.


On pleasing a women, its more then the sexual act. If you want her to loosen up and let go, then romance her. Treat her to something special and romantic. Create the right setting and mood. If she is sweeped away by the evening you had, lost in the love you share, then she will find it easier to let go. Stimulate the heart, the mind, and the soul... and the body will follow. When it comes to the actual physical stuff, take the time to please her. From oral to just running your hands along her spine, make her tingle. Look in her eyes and let her know you love her and need her. When she moans or shows that something made her feel really good, remember it and use it again at another time.


Basically, treat her as the most incredible women that there is and ever has been. Let your love flow. Be patient. This has nothing to do with your manhood and shouldn't be taken personally. This is about being patient with her until she is ready to be as into it as you.

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If she says that she is enjoying the oral sex focus on that for now...once she has an orgasm through oral then you can move on to intercourse which is a lot harder. Start by stimulating her clit with your tongue but do it gentley...make small circles with your tongue, and dont be too rough...the clitoris is extremely sensitive and it can feel uncomfortable if it is over stimulated. AFter licking her clit for 5-or 10 minutes, (or until you hear her moaning a little) try fingering her simultaneously...the g-spot stimulation might feel much better for her when it is combined with the clitoral stimulation. And remember...you have to be patient, it might take a while for her to come especially if she never has before. Continue the oral sex for at least 15 minutes if you can stand it. Also remember...do not take it personally that she hasnt had an orgasm through intercourse...I'm sure it has nothing to do with your performance or your size.

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Ash's advice was right on.


I think finding and working through the uncomfortableness through reassuring words, through actions (towels/tub) could be a fun bonding experience. Tell her that you'd like to make her body's pleasure a hobby for both of you. You need her to guide you a little and you need her to trust you a little to explore the next level together.


I think having an initial clitoral orgasm through oral will get her warmed up, then intercourse for yourself (perhaps), then go back to oral with g-spot finger stimulation for the big finish for her might be a good strategy.


About the screaming thing, I think people tend to hold their breath to make it last while going over the edge. The screaming thing isn't that indicative. Don't trust the porn films as educational! They tend to be visually/audibly stimulating for guys but the scenarios are not in positions or situations that would work well for a woman in real life.




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