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To young For this to Happen to me!

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Hey all Im 14 and yes i know verrrrrrrrrrrry young. I also know it is a shame to even say this but you've guessed it, im pregnant. Im really scared but again strong. I've known for 6 months. of course i've told my parents and everyone but some. I'll tell ya the whole story. Me and this guy from school were study partners. He came over to my house to study one afternoon. He told me he really liked me and I had liked him for a while myself. He said he ahd liked me since 6th grade. And when he told me that i felt light as a feather. i've never yet had a serious b/f unitl him. It didnt last long but i was crazy for him. the next couple of times he came over we just would kiss .. then maybe more each time. Im not the type to do that stuff but it just got out of hand. Next thing i know (sorry to cause any unwanted mental pictures) i'm naked on top of him. He is 16 and trouble because he is going through that stage where he just wants sex, sex, sex. Not me... I hit that puberty stage and delt with it not needing sex. Courious, but not needing it. Now of course i wasnt completely irresponsible, we did use protection but as my luck has shown me before... I dont have any. So the condom broke he came in me and BAM! What do you know... IM PRegnant. I know this is another lame butt story. " all these girls are sluts and * * * * * * and are young and stupid." But its really hapening, and the guy he knows and dont care i'm just another girl he has banged to get what he wants then throws in the ditch.

ANyway just need advice or someone to talk to thats all!


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Oh Emma! That's such a lot for you to deal with, but can I say how well you put yourself accross, and how mature you sound for your age? (which is - very).


Its a good thing that your parents know, Im assuming they are going to be supportive? Its a shame that the father isn't, although I guess there is a chance that when he is older he will be curious about/want to be a part of the child/the child's life. Its extremely callous of him not to care, or appear not to, but you have the support of others and you seem a very strong individual.

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Hi Emma and welcome to enotalone.


First let me say that what's done is done, you can't beat yourself up over it now. The important things to focus on is taking good care of yourself and the baby.


You say that you've known for 6 months... have you been getting regular prenatal care? When did your parents find out? How are they reacting to it?


It's VERY important that you are seeing an obstetrician, if not yet as soon as possible. Both you and your baby need for you to be eating a healthy diet, taking prenatal vitamins, and getting mild exercise and lots of sleep. With your body not yet grown itself it is alot of demands on it to sustain a baby as well.


Please let us know how you are doing, how your parents are reacting to all this, and if you've been to see the doctor yet,





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I've been seeing an Obstetrician for months every month. Im having a c-section done for what you said hope, i'm done growing. I've told his parents they wanted me to give it up for adoption. Not gonna. I'm having a girl. I will have her May 22nd at 8:30am or shall i say thats when the operation starts. Anyway thanks for replying. I so need more people to talk to this with. And yes im getting prenatal care. Im eating healthy i'm still at school making good grades so at least i wont have to worry about failing. Im going to school until the 19th of May. I can do it. Unless something happens. Im barely showing. You look at me now and would never know im pregnant. But im eating REALLY good. So dont worry. My mom and I have bought a bunch of things from baby's r us online. So they should be here way before my little angel comes into this world. I got to pick it all out. Its just Baby equipment for now. I've got some of nieces old clothes and my old baby clothes for her. Then a baby shower or two so i'll be set.

I have this whole thing planned out. I go to school until the 19th of May because the next week are semester exams and Im excempt from those so i wont have to go to school that week. Then I have the baby the 22nd. Then have 2 months and a half to take care of the baby day-in and day-out until school starts then my grandmother can watch her till i get home from school once school starts. Or our house nanny can watch her. But anyway, i hope my plan work at least a little.

I'll talk back to you guys later.


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Hi Emma


it seems that you have everything pretty much sorted out. i have to say that you are very prepared for the birth of this baby and you seem to be very intelligent so i would def agree with you staying on at school.

i am glad that you have got the support of your parents


i was in the same situation as you. i got pregnant when i was 18. i know i was not quite as young as you, but to be honest you seem to be more prepared for this baby than i was.


the father of my child left me too. i am very sorry to hear that the father of your child is being so horrible but you are def better finding out what he is like now, rather than after the birth.


i am sure that your parents will love your little girl once she arrives. when i was pregnant my parents did support me but they were also a little disappointed in me so we did fight sometimes. but once my little boy was born they adored him, and at this point they have completely forgiven me, so things are great now and i am sure that they will be the same for you!!!


please stick with your idea of going back to education. i also did the same. i started a college course when my son was 11 weeks. and i am in my 4th year now, and will be receiving my degree in may.


i am not writing all these things to tell you about myself. i am trying to say that i was once in your shoes too. i was pregnant and alone. but my family like yours supported me and i promise that once your little girl is born you will not want to change anything that has happened, and with the support of your parents, you will be able to continue with your education and create a great life for you and your little angel


i really do wish you the best of luck!!!

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Well, my best friend's mom got into the same situation. She got unexpectedly pregnant at age 48 !!!!!! lol...you are not alone


oh well, its really important to find a support group. IS there a local community center that offers support? There is a probably a woman's center there offers some sort of support, or which can direct you to a good group. There must be a support group in your area..maybe a school counsellor can help you find one.

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I'm very happy to hear that you are getting good prenatal care and that you are planning to stay in school. It's excellent that you have a good support system to help you with the baby once you go back this fall. That is the best thing you can do for yourself- get your education. No one will ever take that from you, and with it you can help make a better life for you and your baby.


You have a house nanny? Someone who watches you?


As far as the father, once the baby is born I hope that you will go to court and have a DNA test done- and he needs to be responsible and help pay for this baby. In some states, if he is unable to help now his parents will be held responsible. Either way, you did not lie down and make this baby alone, and he should be helping.

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I am amazed by you. You got yourself into a messy situation, but you have handled it with more maturity then many adults do. While getting pregnant so young isn't advisable and not something you want to have happen, you did everything right. You are mature, intelligent, and caring. I know that you will do everything you can to make sure the baby has what she needs. It will be a struggle and you will have to make sacrifices, but you will get through it and be happy with your daughter. And its great that you have your family's support.


I also think you should make sure that the father helps out. He has a responsibility to do what he can and should want to support his daughter.


Emma, you are an amazing person for how you handled this. Hope everything goes well for you.


Have you decided on a name yet?

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As many others have said, I really have to start off by applauding you for dealing with this situation so maturely. The girls I knew who got pregnant when they were 14 all rushed off to abort their children, or did it themselves in their bedroom (One of whom accidentally killed herself in the process, unfortunately). Not a lot of teens who get pregnant have the courage you do. Obviously your parents being as supportive as they are is a big help (I'm assuming they aren't fundamentalist Christians like mine?


As for the father, if he keeps being such a worthless bag of ****, simply sue him (or his parents, as I suppose he is still too young) for child support. Seriously. Especially if you live in America, you can sue anyone for anything there



Anywho, I've never really been in that situation, but I've seen people go through it. You seem to have everything in order, but be sure to go back to education, as was said above. I won't lie to you or try to ramanticize this.. There's going to be a lot of hardship in your future. Just keep your head high and stay in the direction you're headed, and I'm sure you'll be fine. You're doing the right thing, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. They don't know * * * *.

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Thanks to all the comments. I understand what you have all said. I know it will be hard but I cant handle it. I've been around children and babies and I know how to take care of them. We do have a nanny to watch my younger sister. She is only 5 so she is having homeschooling done by the Nanny until she goes to kindergarten. Her birthday wasnt till JAnuary so you know. But anyway... Im feeling pretty good today. Nothing to complain about except My precious girl is kicking ALOT! IM LIke 20weeks I cant remember. I think so. I know its babd when you cant remember how far along you are. I have another doctors appointment on the 7th of MArch.

I dont know what im going to name her. I dont know if I mentioned this but i have a twin sister that is also pregnant and is Due June 2nd. ( we didnt have a 3some with the same guy are anything) its just a conquencedental thing. I found out Saturday! She said that she has know for a while jsut to scared to say anything. I cant even imagine my parents when she tells them Tonight... She needed to tell them 3 months ago!!!!! But thats her decsion! I sorta new when she was having morning sickness. But my parents didnt know she had been sick because they couldnt hear her because My sister and I live in the large guest house next to our Parents House and little sisters house. I cant really explain it. Its actually like two houses but anyway.... DOesnt matter. But just reply some more!


p.s. My parents are christians but not kicking out of the house kinda parents. But I dont live in the main house. I live in the guest house. Anyway odd ... sorry if im confusing anyone.


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Hi Emma,


It's hard to believe that your sister is also pregnant too!


Please let us know how it goes when she tells your parents. I hope that they can be understanding because I can't imagine what it must be like to have 2 14 year old daughters pregnant!


In the meantime take care of yourselves and eat well, get your rest and take your vitamins. As you get bigger the place position to sleep in is on your left side, which reduces compression to your blood flow to your legs and takes the pressure off your uterus and onto the bed. You can put a pillow between your legs to help with back pain.


Take care!

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Hi thanks for the reply Im looking for babystuff on the internet. I'm still thinking of names for this girl. I havent found a ringer yet. Soon enough I'll find the perfect name. A guy asked me when i was due today at the store and asked how old I was. I told him in May and im 14 and he looked at me and said "dang you look older and finer tahn most 14 year olds.!" He made my day.! Everytime i get on here Im like this is really a great website. My sister told me today that her and her guy was thinkin of getting back together.. I told her it was a bad idea but thats her decision. She is having a boy. Pretty cool one of each now. She is looking for boy stuff, Me girl stuff. We have decided that our babies are sharing a room... We were going to get it painted but couldnt decide whether to paint it half blue half yellow, or half blue half pink. So we are going to leave it white for now. I found this thing in wal-mart to day that was called a Nursery in a Box! My sister Amy, mother and I bought 2 one for me one for Amy. We are really getting excited. We have been looking today on Babiesrus, babyuniverse, walmart, and etc. On the interenet today.!! Everything is going good. Sorta lonely with out a boyfriend but hey i have a upcoming baby to worry about but still miss having one. But anyway.. See you guys later..

Emma and Amy!

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I think it's cruel that he just left you like that. Guys like that need to throw on a KKK uniform, and drive into downtown Harlem. Although, you do sound strong and mature for your age. You just need to distance yourself from guys like that in the future. I hope everything works out for you!

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Hey Emma,

I am sorry to hear that the father is a POS, but I am glad that you have taken the responsibility to take care of your child. It is a shame that the father is a worthless nothing. My girlfriend and I may be going through the same situation (condom broke, not sure if she is pregnant yet though), and I know that I would never leave her. She is 15, and I am 17, and both of us would like to tell you that if she is pregnant, we look up to you in the aspect that you are taking this very seriously, as we will. I am glad that you didn't freak out too much (of course it was a scare though!). I wish you the best of luck with your child, and look forward to seeing you progress! When are you due?

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Hi Emma,


Good luck with your baby. I am glad to see that you are handling it so well and so is you sister considering how young you both are.


A C-Section is painful, well at least i felt like it was. It really takes some time to heal from one. Im still healing and I had my daughter Savannah Marie Jan. 18.



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