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Do I have a disorder?

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It seems that whenever I like a girl or a girls seems to like me, creating the like for her I feel well, horrible. The past few months there has been this girl that to me, seemed to be the one that only rarely pops up, in your life. To me she was different than all of the other girls I had met and of course I really wanted to ask her out. I was so damn shy though that this never happened and once I loosened up a bit and she got my msn, I realized the truth she liked another guy who was what all the other girls called unattractive. Througout those few months I felt so empty and the woe created for longing to be with this girl seemed to overtake me. On a few occasions I broke down and cried. I moved on though and now it seems those feeling of being alone and loss have come back to haunt me but not from this girl. Even when I liked that girl I always wanted to hang out with her friends since I also found them cool people and attractive but now whenever I cant talk to them etc, I also feel like * * * *. Its getting to the point that whenever any girls looks at me a certain way etc, when I think of the memory it gets me down. I really think this might be a rare disorder because none of my friends have ever seemed as down about girls as I do and I have never heard of someone feeling like this. Anyways all I really would like to know is if this is normal or if I am crazy, thankyou.

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.......='Post traumatic stress disorder'. Its what i got along with heavy depression after an obsession with a girl. Often you might see someone or read something that reminds you of this girl and it makes you spin out, sometimes really badly. All I would say is try to live as much as possible among other people rather than spending time by yourself thinking. That way your friends or anyone you choose to chat with can help open your mind up and keep your brain fresh and eager and healthy. I chose to take the solitary road during my obsession (and i dont mean this term in a bad way) and spent the best part of two years by myself, cutting ties. It only lead to me having a dim and naieve view of the world and women and myself. You sound like a pretty smart dude so hopefully you'll pull through, although I know in my case all the advice i got from people sounded quite ridiculous.

good luck there bro

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Look, you're only 16 and have enough insight to recognize the issue and seek advice via this site... You're light years ahead of most guys your age I think in that regard. I think you'll be fine...I was like 2 or 3 times removed from the person I am now when I was in high school...


If it really bothers you, I'm sure your school has some good counselors you can speak to about this...

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