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My First True Journey With God

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Thursday 9 February 2006

Im Marianne Fitzpatrick

I am…

Princess of God






A sister





And everything Gods want me to be…

Here I am writing my 1st testimony about my life n how god have touched me in many ways.

Just over a year ago it was wen I gave my life to God it is one of the Moments that has changed my life forever.

I grew up always believing in god and would always talk to myself cause I knew there was something there I would go to church and sing because singing was one of my favorite things.

I never had a good life at school always got abused by people .It was till my family and I went to Scotland to live n I went to school there and liked it there. All the kids there were liked taken the best out of me and it was the only thing I enjoyed in childhood.

It wasn't till my dad couldn't find a job and we had to sell the house and come back to New Zealand and I still remember that day at the train station I was 11years old and I didn't want to come back I remember the feeling.

As years passed on I grew up I fell in love with the music of celine dion and it was till I was 16 that I started going out with my 1st boyfriend till he changed and did some things to me that hurt me and stole things from me n made me forget who I was .I was 22years old when I broke up with him and after that life was tough till one day I felt so lost and I felt like I had lost my heart till I heard a voice of angel I started hearing something calling me to come to a church

My 1st year of being a Christian was amazing god gave back to me wot was really me what my heart and spirit desires God gave me true friends who love me for who I am and the kind of friends ive wanted in life for a very long time and gave me the strength to remember things that meant a lot to my heart like stuff that I did for god when I was little girl and made me grow beautiful and how to be strong and not to be ashamed of who I am .my relationship with just keeps on going deep that its just amazing that I have had so many dreams n miracles come true recently and has made me realized that I am who I am and no one can ever change that .I am Marianne Fitzpatrick who fan of celine dion. So many songs she sings is how I express my feelings in life and one of them is one that I always think god in only and that is "Because you loved me"."A New day has come " is another one that my heart will feel when I move over to Scotland my dream that I have been waiting for since I was 11years old and now I am 24 years old and I cant wait for that New day that god knows ive been holding all this time as I look back after everything ive done I survived and god saved me and is restoring my life following my heart to find out who I am.

God is love he is patient even when it seems that he is not there well he Is. all have our ways of seeing god and Gifts from god. I know my god's love I know when its him and no matter wot happens what people say or do God never leaves he is always there because my life belongs to him.

Writing this testimony has made me feel completed and that when I look back through my past

Its like a love story I thought I had lost love again in god he knew that I was searching for him and waited for me when I was ready to seek him again and this time its even closer then ever I gave him my life and it's the most beautiful feeling ever to do!

Much more to come but that's another testimony ahead to write and to be made,

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You've been through a lot, but things are starting to turn around for you. Your dreams are beginning to come true, and there will be many happy days ahead of you. Trust in God, and trust in yourself. That was beautiful and I'm glad you feel this peaceful and happy.

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