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Basically I had complined that my bf was very forgetfull of holidays and anything – which I don't mind except I miss being thought about – ie not even a sweet note or email.


A month or so after xmas I found out his mom and dad did indeed reciprocate my present to them – and its rattling in the trunk of his car!


I saw it and said " oh xmas wrap!" and he said yes its from my mom for you and then switched the topic! Why would he keep it from me? I feel like now if he even tries to give it I will tell him he may as well save it for whoever he was keeping it for! Also I make it a point to write a thank you card and I think/hope his mom knows hes keeping things rather than I am just being rude this year!


What should I do? I don't want to ask for it since apparently he doesn't feel like giving it to me but at the same time I am not going to write that sweet couple a note thanking them for something when I don't even know what it is! I guess I will just forget it and let it go – I mean its not important to me after this going on for 2 years but I just don't understand why he does this! Its just odd!!! Any ideas on the psych?

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Maybe he knows what it is and he's embarrassed to give it to you? I think you should ask him why he's been so forgetful, and explain that it makes you feel confused. There is no harm in that, that's just communicating your feelings.




My parents did that to me a few years ago and it caught me off guard. Not the gesture of the gift but the gift itself.


GF at the time opened it up and it was an apron with a cookbook lol


I was embarressed! My family ...i gotta watch 'em lol


ilse hit it dead on.

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Yeah, Bethany is spot on. Just go out to the car and get the present from the trunk.



a) i dont have the guts

b) i dont have the keys

c) i am a wimp! i am so fustrated on why he would do this

but you guys are sooo right thanks for this moral support

i am going to question why hes hoarding all this the next time hes back! its not that one thing i know there is all sorts of weird junk in there ... including something be bought for me - i know its chocolate and i LOVE chocolate - why would he hide stuff when he knows what it is and he let me know what it is



oh god why are boys so strange why couldnt you make them like me - complicatedly simple

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When do you see him again? I'm dying to know what it is - I love prezzies! Go get it - it belongs to you.

M/b he's creeped out at the display from his parents, it kinda cements things in a guys mind when mom starts getting mushy about the gf; for some strange reason, they suddenly think about the relationship as more committed (generalization - but my bf and I had this discussion right b/f xmas).

But it's still your present.

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oh god girl you and me both

i wish i had xray vision bc i dont even care if i get a present i just like opening stuff

i haveto really use my most controlling conscious voice when i package sit for my neighbours



nothing like shredding a box open to make a day!



NG ron hes is not - hes annoying the hell out of me - he even has a valentine because he doesnt flirt but he doest stop other girls from flirting with him!

how ridiculous ! i am still making him cookies bc it makes me happy and on valentines my fav bball game is on so whatever he does is fine by me *too angry to care*

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