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100% in a relationship

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I would love to hear the root of the question and find out what is going on with you? I agree that we are all in different situations emotionally, but I would like to know yours. Sometimes or many times, one person is more into the other, but you have to have mutual respect. Please elaborate so we can give our 2 cents.

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partner's goal was to give the other a hundred percent of herself. since she's having a hard time opening up and expressing her emotions... the partner's reply was "i dont want u to give me 100%. keep somethin for yourself." for if things dont work between them, it'd be easier for them to bounce back and move on. the other might have taken it negatively. her interpretation was like, she wont get all the support she was expecting from the partner since she wont give 100%.

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I'm afraid I had a hard time following which one is A and which one is B.

But, if I got it right one person wants to give 100% and the other doesn't want to receive it.

A reason for not wanting a 100% is lack of commitment. While it's true one should never give a 100% of oneself (in the sense of putting your whole life in the hands of another person)it's also true you can't make a relationship work if it has different levels of commitment.


The person not wanting the 100% is not interested in the whole thing and she not interested in giving it either, she even says there can be a time of a break-up and when it happens she doesn't want responsibilities over the other's feelings of sadness.


I would say the one willing to give the 100% should look for another person who wants the same, she can do better.

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